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  1. group of friends

    About to Buy a New Home? Don’t Show It to These People

    A listing agent may have shown a prospective buyer a specific house two or three times. Now the buyer wants another showing, which is surely a […]

  2. chandelier

    5 Things Not Necessarily Included in Your Home Purchase

    The buyer of a historic Victorian home in upstate New York fell in love with the gigantic antique mirror in the foyer. The mirror looked as […]

  3. Daughter and mom

    Moms Share Their Advice for Real Estate

    In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked a few moms to share the advice they gave to their children when they were buying a home.

  4. Think long and hard over that first offer.

    Why Your First Offer is Always Your Best Offer

    Real estate agents often suggest that sellers either accept the first offer or at least give it serious consideration.

  5. Source: Flickr user Ward Realty

    Seller’s Guide to Understanding Today’s Buyer

    Knowing the type of buyer you’re dealing with can help you avoid a lot of pain and wasted time and might help you get a better deal.

  6. types of sellers

    Buyer’s Guide to Understanding Today’s Seller

    Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of Zillow. Is […]

  7. Knocking on door

    Who Lived in My House Before Me?

    If you live in a house that’s more than, say, 25 years old, there may come a day when a person arrives on your doorstep, says they once lived in your house, and wants to talk to you about it.