1. renting with large dogs

    5 Tips for Finding a Rental With a Large Dog

    It’s not uncommon for pet-friendly apartment communities to have weight and breed restrictions. What should the owner of a large dog do?

  2. People holding question marks

    Rental Properties: Know When to Hold ‘Em

    Is your investment worth hanging onto or is it time to sell?

  3. apartment fire safety

    Fire-Proof Your Apartment for Fire Prevention Month

    If you live in an apartment building, you’re at an increased risk for becoming the victim of a home fire. Take some time during fire prevention month to make your apartment safer.

  4. Austin, TX

    Big Cities Where Renters Rule

    Sending in that rent check every month can feel like you’re flushing money down the drain. As it turns out, though, renting for a few years may make perfect financial sense.

  5. sweet home sign

    A Guide to Sublet Etiquette

    Here are some simple codes to follow that ensure the best relationship possible between the renter and the original tenant.

  6. twitter-logo21

    @Zillow Roundup 10-5-12: Rental Memories

    This week, we asked the @Zillow community, “What’s your favorite apartment memory?”

  7. Meeting 4

    6 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Property Manager

    Before you hire a property manager, you want to interview them to make sure they’re a professional in their field and will treat your property like their own.

  8. 765 Market Street #36E San Francisco CA

    What Can You Rent for $3,000 a Month?

    Three grand a month is a hefty sum for most rental markets across America, but in a few major cities, it’s just the starting point.

  9. Painter at Work

    Preventive Maintenance for Your Rental Property

    Inspect your property regularly for a few of these minor fixes. You’ll save yourself and your tenants the inconvenience and huge expense.

  10. 0 cliffside dr malibu

    Luxury for Rent in These Homes

    These homes for rent have pretty much everything you’d expect in a high-end home — except the mortgage.

  11. Social media keyboard

    Using Social Media to Manage Your Rental Properties

    Social media is a great tool to help you improve your business, offer better service and build relationships with your tenants.

  12. single lady

    What’s the Newest Economy Booster? The Solo Dweller

    There are more single-person households in the United States than ever before, and they’re making a major economic impact, one Lean Cuisine at a time.

  13. danielmoyleFlickr

    How Landlords Can Avoid Rental Scams

    Due to the turbulent housing market, both apartment hunters and landlords alike have been seeing a rise in the number of scams.

  14. Credit Report

    5 Reasons Why Credit Reports Matter

    Credit reports are an indispensable tool for agents and property managers because they help you filter out the most qualified renters.

  15. ForRent_Zillow

    RentSentinel and Property Solutions Join Zillow Listings Feed Program

    We’re excited to announce that RentSentinel and Property Solutions are now syndicating rental listings to Zillow as a part of the Zillow Listings Feed Program. RentSentinel […]