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    Waiting to Buy a Home in These Markets Could Cost Hundreds

    In today’s market, with both interest rates and home prices going up, waiting a year to buy a house can cost you hundreds of dollars every month. Zillow calculated how much it would cost to wait a year in 10 of the nation’s hottest housing markets.

  2. Phoenix is the most affordable city for renters on this list. Starting at $1,081, a 2-bedroom apartment in this complex comes with several community amenities including a pool, arcade room and volleyball.

    15 Cities Where Renting Rules

    See the top-10 cities where it makes more financial sense to rent than buy.

  3. Mitt-Romney-La-Jolla-house.jpg

    Romneys Fought for Lower Property Taxes for La Jolla, CA Home

    The Republican presidential candidate and his wife reduced the property tax bill on their La Jolla, CA home by about $109,000 over four years.

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    How Much House Can You Get for $425,000?

    Here’s the rundown of what you can get for $425,000 across the country.