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  1. investment property

    Is a Second Home a Good Investment?

    You may believe that a second home can be a great place to vacation and retire, but it’s unlikely that buying a second home will be a very good financial move.

  2. Mortgage interest tax deduction

    Income Tax Tips for ‘Accidental Landlords’

    Here’s what newbie landlords need to know to get their taxes heading in the right direction.

  3. Student with cardboard box  moving in to the campus

    College Housing for Your Child: Buy or Rent?

    It’s not uncommon for the parents of college students to consider buying an investment property near their child’s university.

  4. investment property

    Investing 101: Estimating Rental Property Expenses

    If you are considering buying rental properties, you should already know how to analyze an investment by penciling out your real estate deal. Within that analysis, […]

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    Rental Homes: Making More Money by Keeping Your Tenants Happy

    As an individual landlord, you have unique challenges in maximizing the money you earn on your rental property.

  6. House with cash

    Investment Property? 5 Ways to Crunch the Numbers

    There are many ways to evaluate investment returns on an income property, but you are the only one who can choose which evaluation and analysis method is appropriate for you.

  7. investment property

    5 Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Wealth

    You have to take a long-term view with property, and if you do, the chances of having significant wealth down the road are much higher.

  8. Accountant swamped with financial documents

    What to Review in HOA Documents When Buying

    Here are a healthy portion of the documents that you should review when purchasing in a common interest development, and why.

  9. mortgage comparison

    Three Types of Costs on a Good Faith Estimate (GFE)

    New federal rules have clamped down on the lending abuses, but you still need to protect yourself to make sure you are getting a fair deal.

  10. house fire - flickr user 111 emergency

    Are You Properly Insured for Your Real Estate?

    Most homeowners pay little attention to their property insurance until disaster strikes. And then, it’s too late.

  11. Looking at fine print

    Should You Review Your Title Report and Boundary Lines Before Purchasing?

    It’s hardly page-turning literature, but there are many reasons why you should read title-related documents before making any property purchase.

  12. vacation rental

    Vacation Rentals – Huge Rents… Any Profits?

    Borrowing from the boat owners’ passel of proclamations, may I suggest: “The best two days of a vacation rental owner’s life are the day he buys it […]

  13. magnified people

    What Information Do Property Managers/Landlords Review?

    The tenant-screening process may seem shrouded in mystery. The truth, however, is that all those application forms and probing questions are intended to help a landlord […]

  14. Flickr photo by bterrycompton

    How to Beat Big Investors to Good Properties

    As real estate bidding wars become commonplace, it’s important to remember these adages: 1.  The early bird gets the worm. 2.  Always put your best foot forward. […]

  15. rental-agreement

    What Do You Do If a Tenant Refuses to Vacate?

    It’s just part of the rental business: Many types of situations arise that can cause a tenant to refuse to vacate your property. As with all […]