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Buying Investment Properties? Why You Should Consider California

Not only has the Golden State provided outsized wealth growth for real estate owners over the past 40 years, but going forward it has some unique characteristics that make it quite appealing to an investment property owner.

House investment

3 Things That Make the Best Real Estate Investment

A couple of weeks ago I wrote The 6 Worst Types of Real Estate Investments that covered the types of […]

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DIY Kitchen Remodels for Investment Properties

If you are… an investor who is buying rental properties are a do-it-yourself type want to renovate your kitchen… … […]


Real Estate Q&A: Revocable Trusts and Wrap-Around Mortgages

Each month, San Diego State University lecturer and Zillow Blog contributor Leonard Baron answers two questions from readers regarding buying, selling and investing.


What's the Best Way to Earn Wealth in Real Estate?

While a few people are successful at flipping homes, most people earn real estate wealth by buying rental properties for long-term hold.

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How to Choose a Good Real Estate Sales Professional

Buying real estate is complex, and it’s imperative to select a competent, honest agent who will skillfully represent your best interests throughout the entire process of selecting, negotiating and closing on your property.

Can a Landlord Force Tenants to Have Renters Insurance?

There are a lot of benefits to both the landlord and the renter as a result of the tenant having a policy.


Offer Accepted: What Happens During Escrow?

Once you go into escrow, many items still need to be reviewed, discussed and inspected as you move forward. Here are several that you’ll encounter for the next 40-50 days until you finally close escrow.

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Real Estate Investing: Single Family Home vs. Condo

Many people say to stay away from condominiums because of all the issues with HOAs, but single family homes have many issues, too, so don’t make up your mind so quickly.

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What Is Real Estate Due Diligence?

There isn’t an Easy Button for doing your due diligence. It’s really a time-consuming process, and few people have any idea what to do.

First Time Homebuyers

5 Smart Moves a First-Time Buyer Should Consider

As a first-time buyer, you probably have no idea how the overall purchasing process works or how to make sure you’re making a smart decision. Here are a few tips that you should consider.

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Is a Personal Residence an Investment?

Without doubt, for the vast majority of buyers, a home is an investment. But just because it IS an investment doesn’t mean the house you’re interested in purchasing is a good investment.

Land for sale

Is Land a Good Investment?

Most knowledgeable real estate investors will agree that buying land is not a good idea. There’s just way too much risk.

Cash Flow

Why Prize Investment Properties Are No Prize

Here’s a little real estate investing secret that few rental property investors know: The fancier and more prize location of a property, the worse the cash flow.

House  with "For Rent" sign

First Steps for First-Time Landlords

While being a landlord can be a financially and personally rewarding investment, there are lots of things to do in preparation for your new career.

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