Plan Now to Cash In on Homeowner Tax Benefits Next Year

Did you miss the chance to maximize your deductions this year? Find out what you need to know to save money next time.


Are You Paying Too Much Property Tax?

Errors in your home’s assessment could cost you big time. Here’s how to make sure all the facts line up.


Encouraging Tax News for Renters

Worried you might be missing out on tax breaks by renting? The truth may surprise you.

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4 Ways to Snag an Extra Tax Break

Don’t miss out on these lesser-known credits and deductions.


Escrow: How Much Do You Really Know?

Don’t be taken by surprise when closing rolls around. Escrow payments can make a big difference in your finances.


Tax Benefits of Homeownership

If you own a home, or sold one in the previous year, you may be entitled to tax breaks.


Rules for Using Gift Funds for a Down Payment

Knowing what to expect upfront can make the process easier for you and the donor.

Cut taxes

It's Tax Time! See Tax Breaks for Homeowners

Tax time! Homeowners, don’t forget these deductions.

Paying Taxes

Owe Taxes, But Can't Pay Yet? IRS Will Cut You a Break

Struggling with your tax bill? There might be hope. The IRS is trying to make it a little easier for […]


A Guide to Taxes as a Homeowner

Whether you bought, sold or just happily lived in your home this year, we’ll walk you through all the tax stuff you need to know.


Home Sweet Homeowner Tax Breaks

Here are some simple things to consider if you’re looking to minimize your tax liability for 2011.

Property for rent

Do You Understand Income Tax Considerations of Rental Properties?

Taking a look at the basics to understanding rental properties and federal incomes taxes.

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