tiny homes

  1. Skyline has an eclectic look with a shed roof, metal-and-wood siding and other re-purposed materials.

    20-Somethings, Living Tiny

    Affordability is top of mind for 18- to 34-year-olds, and tiny homes may offer a cheaper alternative.

  2. Cora, WY

    Tiny Territory: Homes Under 400 Square Feet

    For some homeowners, living large means living with less.

  3. main living area

    ‘Mad Men’ Star Vincent Kartheiser Lists Tiny Bungalow

    The “Mad Men” star helped design the space with sliding screens and a bed that suspends from the ceiling when it’s not in use.

  4. Big Tiny author photo - credit Betty Udesen

    Meet Dee Williams: She Lives in 84 Square Feet

    After a life-altering diagnosis, Dee Williams downsized from a big house in Portland, OR to a tiny home in her friends’ backyard.

  5. Amagansett, NY

    Living With Less: Homes Under 600 Square Feet

    Some are modern works of art; others are rustic cabins in the woods.

  6. Southampton, NY - 1

    Houses Under 500 Square Feet for Rent

    According to tiny housing expert Ryan Mitchell, people are looking for smaller housing options. But in some parts of the country, homes under 500 square feet are still on the pricey side.

  7. Peter in apartment with arms extended

    Micro-Apartments: Living in Less Than 300 Square Feet

    Peter Miller is one of many renters from Seattle to New York living in a micro-apartment, though it isn’t size that’s getting them in the door.

  8. Southold, NY

    1,000 Square Feet for $1 Million?

    In some parts of the country, a high price doesn’t necessarily guarantee the largest or most extravagant home.

  9. Basic decor keeps this New Orleans condo looking spacious

    How to Make Small Spaces Appear Bigger

    Whether you live in a small studio or a pocket-sized home, making do with your lack of square footage can be a challenge. There are a […]

  10. 6559 Beach Dr SW Seattle

    Pocket-(Sized) Listings: Homes Under 550 Square Feet for Sale

    There is a small but mighty movement toward smaller homes and a group of people who prefer 400 square feet over 4,000.