Underwater mortgages

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    HARP, a Program to Help Underwater Borrowers Refinance, Has Been Extended

    HARP is one of two government programs aimed at helping homeowners who are current on their mortgage — but have little to no equity — refinance their mortgage into a lower interest rate.

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    Occupy Wall Street Offshoot Wants to Pay Off Consumer Debt

    Rolling Jubilee wants to buy up distressed consumer debt, including underwater mortgages, and discharge it, meaning the borrowers won’t have to pay their outstanding balances.

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    Negative Equity Recedes in Third Quarter; Fewer than 30% of Homeowners with Mortgages Now Underwater

    According to Zillow’s third quarter Negative Equity Report, negative equity for homeowners with mortgages has fallen to 28.2 percent, down from 30.9 percent in the second quarter.

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    Battleground States and Their Housing Situation

    Nowhere does the pace of the housing market recovery matter more for President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney than the nation’s so-called swing states.

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    Merriam-Webster Adds ‘Underwater’ to Newest Edition of Collegiate Dictionary

    It may not be as sexy a term as “earworm” or, well, “sexting,” but the addition of “underwater” speaks volumes about the impact of the financial crisis.