Miami Temple House deck

Celebrity Gods Have Partied at This Newly Listed Miami 'Temple'

“The Temple House” has hosted One Direction, Jennifer Lopez, Jay-Z, and the Kardashians, to name a few.

home exterior

For Sale: A 'Slightly Haunted' Home

The owner isn’t even entirely sure that his 1901 home is haunted. However, he does admit there are some oddities that have occurred there.

austin tc

These Homes Could Be Your Castle

Ever dreamed of living in a castle? You’re in luck! These stone residences are for sale.


Homes We're Grateful For

We’re counting our blessings — in terms of real estate.

Dome home

House of the Week: Colorful Domes in Sedona

Why have a traditional home when you could live under colorful monolithic domes?


House of the Week: A Seattle Home Built Out of Spite

This little sliver of a home was built out of pure spite.

Helderburg castle steps

House of the Week: Castle Ruins for Sale in Upstate New York

This unusual home was built in 1935 by the reclusive Bouck White, a potter and Socialist activist.

Former Jail exterior

House of the Week: Former Jail Turned Residence for Sale

For those that imagine owning a place with bars and literally cell-like bedrooms, there’s a place in Indiana for you.

Menkick House

House of the Week: Boulder, CO Home Built on a Boulder

Charles Haertling’s iconic Menkick House is on the market for the first time in 30 years, but has yet to find an interested buyer.


House of the Week: Florida Beach House Comes With Cadillac Bar

The Cadillac inside the house is a real Cadillac, a 1959 Caddy that was driven from the beach into the house and turned into a working bar.

Austin, TX

Live Like Royalty in These Castle Homes

Castles don’t just live in your sandbox. Fortified mansions — yes, the kind with turrets, drawbridges and more — are hitting the market for under $1 million and up. If you thought American castles didn’t exist, check out these homes for sale.


Author's Home for Sale Includes Hidden Bar

The house was built in 1932 at the tail end of Prohibition, and surprisingly, a hidden bar isn’t that unusual in elaborate homes of that time period.

Fort Pierce Bomb Shelter

Bomb Shelter or Ultimate Man Cave?

There was little to no chance a bomb would be dropped in Fort Pierce, FL during the Cold War. But that didn’t stop 30-inch-thick steel-reinforced concrete from being poured in the middle of St. Lucie County.


House of the Week: Out-There Wine Cellar

This gorgeous estate in Tennessee has traditional-style exterior architecture that makes its ultra-modern wine cellar inside quite a surprise.


House of the Week: Lighthouse in Chesapeake Bay

Wanted: A homeowner with a dedication to history and lighthouses, willing to do a little renovation and, of course, live on a home set three miles offshore.

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