1. Sand and salt improve safety during winter

    Make Your Home Less Prone to Falls from Ice and Snow on Walkways

    Taking some simple steps before a winter storm hits can reduce the risk of falls around your home.

  2. Roof rake

    How to Prevent Ice Dams

    Glistening icicles may look beautiful – but they may signal trouble. That’s because the same conditions that allow icicles to form can also lead to ice […]

  3. sealing_window

    How to Winterize Your Home on a Budget

    Maximize energy savings at minimal cost. Here are a variety of affordable ways to protect your home investment.

  4. snow house_3718 waville rd ne bemidji mn

    The Big Chill: Winterizing Checklist

    Prepare for the frost and snow with just a few tasks that will prevent drafts, frosty windows and every homeowner’s nightmare: busted pipes.