woodland hills real estate

  1. Michael Clarke Duncan's home

    Home of Michael Clarke Duncan Listed for $1.299 Million

    The residence is described in the listing as a “trust sale” of a celebrity-owned property.

  2. Ryan Hurst's home

    ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Buys Woodland Hills Home

    Actor Ryan Hurst doesn’t live far from the motorcycle gang’s fictional stomping grounds, but by the looks of his new Woodland Hills home, he’s doing quite well for himself.

  3. Otis Williams' home

    Otis Williams of The Temptations Lists Home for Sale

    Otis Williams, the baritone co-founder of The Temptations, has listed his Woodland Hills home for sale.

  4. Scott Grimes' House

    Actor Scott Grimes Lists Woodland Hills Home for Sale

    Actor Scott Grimes’ home is for sale, and like all celebrity properties — major or minor star status aside — the property is private and gated.