Tammy Faye Bakker Messner’s Spirit Lives on in Newly Listed Dream House

SOURCE: Getty ImagesIn her final interview, cancer-stricken Tammy Faye Bakker Messner answered Larry King’s question with all the conviction you’d expect from one of the world’s most colorful evangelical Christians: Yes, she believed in all her heart, she was going to heaven.

That TV interview took place on July 19, 2007. One day later, the eternally spunky queen of the PTL Club and former wife of disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker was dead at age 65. She left behind a legacy of fantastic mega-church escapades and, of course, those famous mascara-laden eyelashes.

But one thing less known about Tammy Faye, who had a endearingly sincere energy despite the preponderance of hairspray, makeup and tiny lap dogs, was how she spent her final excruciating days. Those took place inside Tammy Faye’s luxury custom house in an exclusive community of Loch Lloyd, just south of Kansas City, MO.

The 4-bedroom, 5-bathroom cherry-wood studded masterpiece — featured here on its own new website — was specially constructed for her by church-builder second husband, Roe Messner.  She barely lived long enough to settle in.

Tammy Faye's all-white, sunken living room was for girlfriend chat sessions.

“There is a sunken living room with a fire pit which is what she wanted so she could sit in there with her girlfriends. It’s just want she wanted, white on white,” said Michelle Moe, a Zillow Premier Agent with Re/Max Heartland Realtors in Summit, MO.

“She only got to live there 20 days,” Moe said, adding that Messner had been reluctant in the past to market the home by using Tammy Faye’s name, but has now decided to disclose just what all the home’s custom features were for, and who they were for.

That helps explain the $300,000 in cherry wood cabinetry that flows throughout the home, not to mention the marble floors, granite countertops and the abundance of crown molding that adorns the ceilings and walls. This isn’t just any sub-division custom home.

And now that house at 17140 S. Stonehaven Dr., is on the market for a list price of $980,000. That is down from a list price of $1.190 million from March 2011. The home is just a shade under 5,000 square feet and comes with a three-car garage and maids’ quarters.

“No one has lived in the home,” Moe said. And gone are Tammy Faye’s personal touches, including the organ and baby grand piano where Tammy Faye dreamed of singing her beloved hymns.

It wasn’t just any organ. It was given to her by Frank Sinatra, Moe said, a story that Tammy Faye once told during her surreal appearance on the 2004 season of the reality TV show, “Surreal Life.”

For all the ways in which Tammy Faye was an easy target for jokes, her larger-than-life persona was fueled by a generous brand of Christianity, including her non-denominational approach to religious outreach. Lampooned like few others in pop culture, her spirit was captured in the documentary “The Eyes of Tammy Faye.”

Tammy Faye Bakker Messner and her husband, Roe Messner, appeared on Larry King Live just hours before her death in 2007. SOURCE: CNN

After PTL crumbled amidst Jim Bakker’s money woes and jail sentence, Tammy Faye remarried Roe Messner, the man who built more than 1,700 churches across the U.S., including the Bakker’s theme park Heritage USA. Messner, too, served jail time for a fraud conviction, but he has re-emerged with a new business, Roe Messner & Associates, dubbed “America’s Church Builders.”

Now, however, it is time to find a buyer who will appreciate the special home Messner built for America’s unsinkable Tammy Faye.

She requested a lake front view with lots of trees, and a circular driveway with a 3-1/2 car garage, because she loved to entertain. The home sits on a 100-acre lake . Roe would take her fishing on their boat which she loved to do.