“The Hills” Are Alive With The Sound Of More Controversy

Oh yeah, it was only a matter of time before we found a reason to incorporate the ridculous awesome pop culture “reality” show, The Hills, into our real estate blog.  Now I can coolly tell my husband that I am doing research when he asked why I am wasting my time watching this crap show.

After stirring up drama on so many other levels, our girl Lauren Conrad seems to have gotten herself into a lauren conrad's homereal estate dilemma this time.  In February of this year LC purchased her first mini-mansion in LA for $2,360,000 (now that’s a starter home!).  She and her BFF Lo moved into the main house, while her on-again off-again BFF Audrina moved in the “guest house”.  (trust me, if you watch the show, this all makes sense).

Turns out she didn’t have a “guest house” after all, but rather a garage that had been converted to accommodate guests, a possible code violation.  Lauren says when she bought the home, the guest house was preexisting and the way she bought it.

I don’t know that she didn’t use Zillow, but if she did, she should have paid attention to the public records and noticed this red flag.  CA is very strict about unpermitted upgrades.

Lauren’s dad is actively trying to set up a meeting with the City of Los Angeles Dept of Building and Safety to get this situation straighened out.  If the city determines that Lauren indeed is housing Audrina in a suped up garage, then it will need to be converted back as such.  It will be interesting to see what the county (and Lauren) does about this.

Stay tuned all you Hills fans!