142 Park Rd, Pittsford, NY 14534
For sale: $925,000

Forget about living in a tree house; how about living in a house shaped like a bunch of mushrooms that popped out of the ground?

The home — which consists of five separate units — was originally designed to resemble Queen Anne’s lace, but its pod-like shapes earned it the “Mushroom House” name.

Located in upstate New York, about 15 minutes southeast of Rochester, the Mushroom House is sited on 1.2-acres and is constructed out of polyurethane and concrete and sits on thick “stems.” Surrounded by flowers, trees and a Frank Lloyd Wright-esque water feature, the mushroom-shaped pods look they simply grew out of the hillside.

The house was sold just a year ago to a couple who described the house as their “childhood fantasy home.” They did a number of updates, including installing new windows and an HVAC system, but job changes made it necessary to sell, explained listing agent Rich Testa.

“They absolutely loved the house, but unexpectedly, it’s not practical,” he said.

The home measures a total of 4,168 square feet. Each pod weighs about 80 tons and contains a different living space — ranging from a kitchen pod to a full master suite pod. A great room — added in 2001 — is built into the hillside.

Works from 20 artists are throughout the home, including thousands of ceramic tiles from the original owner, Marguerite Antell and custom wood working by Wendell Castle.

“This home is for a person who appreciates art work — you’re living in a piece of art. Every time I go to the Mushroom House, I see something new. I see tile I haven’t seen before,” Testa said. “That special buyer will have that same feeling of being in a piece of art — seeing something new every day.”


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Erika Riggs, the Zillow Digs manager, covers home design and trends.

  • dominicandiamond

    Wow! Nice property!

  • SafePet Haven

    I saw a kitchen & bathroom both with plumbing, but where does the plumbing route from/to — thru the narrow “stalk/vertical base”? Also where is the entrance/exit to the 2nd level living space? Aesthetics are a second to the mundane, practical side of design and engineering.

  • Catherine Burnell

    This is too cute love it and I feel because it is one of a kind it is worth what they are asking for….

  • BillyKitten

    Totally cool!

  • Nastybeth

    Our Tax dollars at work

  • Anomaly 100

    Oh great. The property taxes are only a mere eleventy thousand dollars per month. I’ll take two!

  • itgirlnyc

    the interior reminds me of the gaudi house in barcelona.

  • Carol Wisner

    If you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all, so I won’t-

  • Chico

    try using your imagination.

  • Chico

    you really have no idea what you are saying. Please don’t propagate.

  • Chico

    and what drugs are you taking? Is this Moron Day?

  • SafePet Haven

    A sincere and curious question did not warrant a snide reply, especially when it did not answer the question. Please play nicely with others who have not harmed you. Thanks.

  • Nastybeth

    Thats a BIG word

  • Nastybeth

    A friend paided 35 million for his airplane had it 5 years paid a million or so more to use it and keep sold it for 30 million the loss was $0 dollars The US tax code has been made into a welfare program for the 1%ers

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