If you found this blog, chances are that you are a consumer who is looking for more information about a mortgage. Maybe even more specifically, you are searching for specific information about how to get the best deal on your mortgage.

So I thought I would take the time to list out the Top 10 Reasons Someone Shouldn’t Use Zillow’s Mortgage Marketplace to Shop for a Mortgage.

Number Ten

You much prefer filling out a form on the Internet somewhere that looks like this…

because you wonder what will happen if you do.

Number Nine

When you fill out a form that looks like number ten, you also want to give your personal information – just in case someone needs it.

Number Eight

You sometimes get lonely. You like to get phone calls. From lots of different people. Forget it if they want to talk about your mortgage – you want to tell them all about how your garden is doing. You know that by filling out a form, you will soon have lots of different people to talk to from all over the country. And they sound like such nice people when they call.

Number Seven

Your Realtor’s brother seems like he is so smart about mortgages. You feel lucky that you found the World’s Best Realtor who has a brother who is the World’s Best Loan Officer on the back of the shopping cart at Safeway.

Number Six

You really don’t have all that much time to fill out any forms on the internet. Can’t you just sign a form or two and be done with it?

Number Five

Your sister said that she found her loan officer on MySpace and he was so cute – he even gave her a ride in his BMW to the title company.

Number Four

You can’t find any loan officers on Zillow who are offering you any cash-back-at-closing when you buy your house and you really need to find someone who can offer “creative financing”.

Number Three

Your mom used a loan officer that she liked before – and he said that he could “help you out” even though he has a side job now stocking shelves at Home Depot.

Number Two

You like the fact that you can go to the Realtor’s office and stop by the Loan Officer’s office right there in the Real Estate Office. Having them together makes it so easy.

And finally, the Number One Reason Someone Shouldn’t Use Zillow’s Mortgage Marketplace to Shop for a Mortgage?

You feel sorry for your brother. Who also happens to be a mortgage broker.

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