Former Swedish model Elin Nordegren recently purchased her own luxurious digs in North Palm Beach, FL, not far from her ex-husband, pro golf superstar Tiger Woods.

Due to a divorce settlement stipulation that both live in close proximity so each can be involved in their children’s lives, Nordegren purchased a $12.2 million beach-front home just 10 miles from Woods’ expansive estate on Jupiter Island, FL.

Despite the short distance to her ex, the former model’s new home is everything the elusive mom wants it to be. The house is located in Seminole Landing, a gated neighborhood of 60 multi-million dollar properties. The 77-acre community has manned security, tennis courts and a beach-front golf course, in the off-chance that Woods ever stops by.

Built in 1932, the two-story house has 8 bathrooms, a 4,000-ft basement, pool, and beach access. The home’s total square footage is 17,178 square feet — plenty of room for Nordegren and her two young children.

Elin Nordegren's beach front home in North Palm Beach, Florida

While Nordegren purchased a home in Sweden in December 2009, this house is her first personal purchase in Florida. Previously, Nordegren held several joint real-estate assets with Woods, including a few properties on Jupiter Island, two homes in Windermere, FL, and a beach-front condo in North Palm Beach.

According to, Nordegren holds a $54 million mortgage on the Jupiter estate until Woods pays his part of the divorce settlement, rumored to be upwards of $100 million.

The golfer, by the way, recently added to his own real estate holdings, purchasing a new home on Jupiter Island.  Woods even blogged about the home, focusing on its golf practice facility.

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  • Sean P.

    Hahah, must be nice to be a live-in escort for a few years. Put in your 5 years of escort service and collect millions.

    That said, Tiger was stupid for marrying her in the first place.

  • Gvenski

    I still think it’s unfair that he has many homes and even a new home but over half of her settlement is to provide the main home for her children in a secure place, which requires the high pricetag. He should have had to provide her a home equal to what they shared PLUS the $100 mil.

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  • TMZ


  • justme

    If he was a responsible person , he would of never done any of this , he would still be married to Elin.
    All the homes he owns , he should of sold them , paid her $100 million , and his new home . Not have a boat loads of homes.

    Hmm $100 million , what I could do with it . Buy me a house for $500,000 and live off the rest . Why need a huge home just for one person to live in it like Woods is doing . Guess Millionaires / Billionares aren’t that conservative , they aren’t practical .
    Why in the heck you want huge property taxes , like Suzy Orman says , the bigger home you’ve more of everything you’ve to pay for .
    Woods keep making that $100 million dollar per year ,that’s what it’s going to take for you to live . Or he could be like Simon Cowell does yearly , help pays a family home off and then they take the payments money and helps another family .
    Simon and the family both , Pays It Forward ….
    Simon could pay my house off and then we will do the very same thing . Help others :) My mortgage isn’t much like Woods mansions . $$$$$

  • http://FaceBook/SouthernCaliforniaRealtorYvonneStyhr Yvonne Styhr

    A nice beach front home in North Palm Beach for Elin Nordegren and her kids. I’m happy for her.

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  • Barbara Mae Kilkenny St.Denis

    WAY TO GO ELIN,You should have taken him for lots more. Without you, he has shown his real talent.Looser all around.

  • S. Cotton

    Whatever he paid her was NOT enough. He was having unprotected sex with many prostitutes while she was home taking care of the children. He event took prostitues into their home! She could be diagnosed with AIDS, Hepatitis or numerous STD’s in the coming years. Tiger is SCUM and he showed the whole world exactly what a dirt bag he really is under all the hoopla bestowed on him by the media.

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