Update (6/16/10): reports Tiger Woods’ wife, Elin, wants the $80 million mansion on Jupiter Island as part of their divorce. Here’s Tiger and Elin’s Jupiter Island home.


Update (2/18/10): Tomorrow, for the first time since his bizarre car accident outside his Isleworth home in Florida on Thanksgiving Day last year,  Tiger Woods will appear in public and speak with “…small group of friends, colleagues and close associates” at the TPC Sawgrass Clubhouse in Ponte Vedra, FL. He plans to discuss the past and his future plans.  to discuss his future plans. Some sites speculate his marriage to Elin

(Photo of courtesy Orlando Sentinel)

Now that golf superstar Tiger Woods is focusing on becoming a better father, husband and person (hey Tiger — what about becoming a better driver?) — it appears Tiger and wife Elin’s real estate assets will stay put for awhile.

There is Tiger Woods’ Jupiter Island estate (photo above), which is a combination of several addresses: 450 S Beach Rd, Jupiter, FL, 466 S. Beach Rd, Jupiter, FL, and 467 S. Beach Rd, Jupiter, FL, and Tiger’s Windermere home (where Tiger’s car accident happened in the exclusive Isleworth golf community). Then, there’s another Windermere home, and a condo in North Palm Beach. And this is just in Florida.

Tiger’s Jupiter homes

According to Page2Live, Woods’ Jupiter real estate collection has been a work in progress since he bought the homes in 2004. First, he had the homes leveled, then Elin helped design the residence, which is nearly 10,000 sq ft and has an adjacent 6,000 sq ft gym (photo above). It is still under construction.

Palm Beach-area real estate agents feel he spent about $55 million, and will be lucky to get dollar-for-dollar back, if the Woods’ decide to split. Just recently, NFL’s Tampa Bay owner Malcolm Glazer sold his Palm Beach home for $24 million, considered a landmark property vs. Tiger’s Jupiter Island estate, which many real estate pros feel he may have over invested in.

(Photo courtesy LA Times)

Elin’s Sweden Property

Now, to add to the Woods’ real estate collection, Tiger’s wife Elin Woods just purchased a home in Sweden.

On Dec. 1, Tiger’s wife, Elin, purchased an old farmhouse on Faglaro, a small island near Stockholm, only reachable by boat (home is on the far right in photo above). The price is reportedly $2.2 million. No one knows if this deal was underway prior to Tiger’s “transgressions” or whether Tiger is part of the transaction. Since it is remote, it is possible the couple will try to escape the media blitz on the island. Or, it could just be a providential purchase by Elin.

The home is one of approximately 140 properties on the island — mostly summer homes — and it has six bedrooms.

15 Minutes of Fame

Meanwhile, one of Tiger’s alleged girlfriends, Jamie Jungers is apartment-shopping in New York, looking at 1 Irving Place , which is reportedly owned by real estate developer Elie Hirschfeld who is presently selling his East Hampton estate for $25 million.

  • Barry Lynn Miller -REMAX

    I wonder if Tiger’s Agent will be male or female lol

  • marissa

    I really hope that Elin takes the kids, the dogs, and half of all of Tiger’s assets and DUMPS his lowly arse.

    She deserves SOOOooOOOOOoo much better than him!!!

  • michael gentry

    Tiger Woods’ wife Elin Nordegren buys a house in Sweden. TMZ reports that Tiger Woods’ wife, Elin Nordegren has purchased a six-bedroom home in Sweden. They say she purchased it on the 1st of this month. She apparently closed the deal and spent a reported $2.2 million on the home. It’s located on a small island near Stockholm, Sweden. They also report that you can only get to the house by boat,

  • lorena

    I think tiger woods is a complete idiot! His wife is beautiful all those girls are nasty!! he must of been smoking crack!!!

  • dexter baxter

    I would like to see tigers portfolio of women if anyone has it

  • Steve

    Hope Elin goes and gets tested. There’s no way those skank hoes didn’t have SOMETHING…

  • lexi

    I don’t believe the personas that the media and agents present to us about the people we deem as celebrities. Nor am I shocked when they screw up. I don’t put anything pass anyone if given the opportunity. The divorce rate isn’t over 52% in this country for no reason. To me Tiger is just a guy with a great golf game, whose wife just bought a ugly house.

  • Barry Lynn Miller – REMAX

    “I wonder if Tiger’s Agent will be male or female lol”

    seems my statement made somebody upset and they sent me an e-mail.
    Said my remarks was low class -that may be your opinion but next time be a man and use your real e-mail and name-
    talk about class.

    The point is if my wife caught me cheating (which she never will cause that will never happen) there would not be a women within 100 miles of me much less a female realtor.

    Sorry but that’s a fact

    Read between the lines jack leg could you see the wifes reaction Tiger walks in and says
    “hey honey this is our new Realtor” and shes a Blond bomb shell don’t think that will happen do you.

    My Name is Barry Miller Have a great day and Tiger stay away from Opera

  • k

    Elin is gorgeous. I would chew through a mile of her poop just to get a smell of her butt hole. But men are only as faithful as their options.

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    He’d say this is proof you should stick to your own kind !. lol ! He’s rolling over in his grave !

    Did Tigers girls get their ” stimulus checks ‘ after their hole in one’s ?.

  • J K Stephens

    The difference between Tiger Woods and most men is opportunity. Most married men don’t face that kind of temptation.

  • JP


  • Joe tomaselli

    Tiger has been a lowlife creep for a long time. Do people not see him swearing, throwing clubs, temper tantrums when he hits (what he considers to be) a bad shot? Poor baby! That’s his problem: he was/is a spoiled mama’s boy.
    I guarantee that his PGA competitors know plenty!

  • moscow hotels

    That farm in Sweden is very nice. The one, together with other stuff, seems to be a good price for being a wife to a disloyal husband.

  • cricket gear

    when you look at what Tiger woods has his home and his wife, you really have to wonder if the pressure has not sent him off the edge!

  • cricket bat

    may be his gone bats!!!

  • cricket bats

    sorry about that gag!

  • Buy to letmortgages

    Certainly strange behaviour, although Ashley Cole is behaving similar, maybe its something in the sport.

  • simon, mobilephones

    Or he thinks that money buys him everything.

  • HEPA filter vacuum

    Maybe she’s just waiting for the new prenup to be finalized :)

  • Top Finance

    athletes have too much adrenaline

  • Apartments for Rent in Toronto

    Go Tiger.

  • The BusinessIdea

    Athletes need some bromide it would seem!

  • Forvacation matt

    Tiger you are man!:)

  • The Housing Block

    What a beautiful home. I can only imagine their real estate portfolio with gorgeous homes for sale like that.

  • Custom Dog tags for dogs

    Yup, Tiger really messed up.

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  • http://facebook fred carter

    let the real truth come out about why most of so called white america hates tiger woods, if tiger would have been married to halle berry he would’nt have to go through all this crap that so called people care about,be for real people the only reason that oj simpson was hated was because he married a white woman.shame on you because when a white woman marries a black man they are hated by their own, even disowned by their family.the only race in america is the human race, god doesn’t see color but we do because of what we were taught, thats right racism is taught and the sad thing about it is that it is taught from the bible,how hyprecritical is that,the only reason most whites hate obama is because he is black and you never wanted to see the day when a black man would hold the highest position in america because wer’e not smart enough by their standards. racism is a disease that is killing america not only by whites hating blacks but blacks hating whites also.I’am a black man and i see where the devil has divided what god meant to be good, as black americans whites are afraid of us because we have so much unforgiveness in us and we can be very hyprocritical like black history month,we honor blacks for what they have accomplished in america like jackie robinson but black history does’nt acknowledge branch rickey the white general manager for the brooklyn dodgers at that time is’nt that how we felt when we felt left out of history in america by them stop and think about that for a minute. i will do my part by god to be the best human being in this world not because i’am black but because we are all god’s children when we accept his son jesus christ as our lord and savior.if you are a christian do your part to each culture that you represent to see through the eyes of god not man but the heart and character and love and peace and compassion that we should display as a believer then maybe we can win over people like tiger woods and others who don’t know jesus. 1 more comment GOD WANTS TO KNOW WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED FROM THIS COMMENT,ASK HIM TO CREATE IN YOU A CLEAN HEART AND RENEW THE RIGHT SPIRIT IN YOU HAVE A BLESSED DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • harnesses for dogs

    Tiger has an amazing wife and i’m sure they will see this through.

  • Cricket Bats

    Good to see Tiger Back, lets hope he keeps it in his pants!

  • Medical Blog

    wow.. that’s really an amazing house

  • Turist

    This is another story: beautiful wife ugly husband.

  • Miele Sags

    I like Elin’s houses more! She’s got much more taste!

  • Miele Spares

    I like Elin’s houses more! She’s got much more taste that’s for sure!

  • Nick

    Definitely agree with the above

  • Charlotte Movers

    This is the very definition of paying for your mistakes. I call it bad timing because this is where everything started falling apart for Tiger. If he had not had this property built He may have never been caught. I guess he has to live with his decision now.

  • Palmdale Homes

    Those Jupiter houses are just lovely–much nicer than those big mansions. It’s hard to believe he invested 55 million in them.

  • Lån

    Those houses are amazing and I would like to have tiger´s money.

  • Sell Gold

    That house is amazing but I don’t know if I could ever justify spending $55 million on a house. Even with Tiger’s money.

  • starcraft

    Wow, this house is so cool.

  • forex

    Hey, very informative and interesting. Looks like you put a lot of effort and research into it.

    Keep up the good work!

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