Turn Your Garage Into a Fun Fitness Recreation Area

When I was a little kid, I spent countless hours every week in my friend’s garage playing basketball. The ceiling was only 9 feet high, but I was so tiny the garage felt like a basketball gymnasium. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, my friend’s family garage renovations were quite innovative. My friend’s father installed paper-thin carpet over the concrete floor and nailed a regulation-sized basketball hoop into one of the walls. The floor was still hard enough to dribble a basketball, but it also offered a much-needed layer of protection. It was hands down the coolest garage on the block.

If you are planning on converting your garage or carport into a unique recreation area, the first step is to remove all existing items from the garage. Assuming you do not have many flammable items like paint, gasoline, cleaning fluids, ammunition and detergents, a self-storage unit could be a good option for hanging on to garage contents remotely. If you do need to store flammable items, other options include having a portable storage unit delivered to your home or moving those items into an attic or basement.

The garage in this Sherman Oaks, CA, home has been converted into a workout area with cabinets and a desk for added functionality.

At any rate, once the garage is cleared out, the possibilities are endless. A family in Seattle recently converted their garage into a full-blown gymnasium. This was an expensive project, as they decided to elevate the roof and add skylights; nonetheless, it was a particularly imaginative garage renovation. They installed an aluminum piping system with monkey bars, two sets of hanging swings and heavy-duty gymnastics mats for safety. In a geographical region like Seattle, where the weather is not always conducive to playing outside, this family thought outside the box and turned their garage into an awesome kids’ gym.

Some more obvious options include turning your garage into a weight room, a billiards room, or an arts and crafts room. But the potential doesn’t stop there: Depending on the size of your garage and your carpentry skills, a climbing wall or a small bowling alley might not be outside the realm of possibility. Just be careful that the stuff you displace is still safe. Don’t take your car out of the garage in your Honolulu home to build a playground if you’ll have to leave it outside to rust.


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