Want to buy an Extreme Makeover Home house? There’s one for sale in Chapman, KS, for $298,900 and the Tutwiler Family that owns it say they are leaving due to hard feelings over the home being built.

According to, the Tutwiler Family of Chapman, KS received an Extreme Makeover Home in November of 2008 after an F-4 scale tornado leveled their home and dozens of others in Chapman. While the Extreme Home Makeover crew helped other residents remodel and repair their homes, the Tutwilers received a brand-new home, plus a Disney cruise, a new pickup truck, and other gifts.  This evidently resulted in a lot of sniping among the residents, as evidenced by this article by Salina Journal Executive Editor Ben Wearing.

ABC chose the Tutwilers to receive a new home when they heard of their plight: Patrick Tutwiler is an Iraq war veteran who was shot while on duty and while he was recovering, the tornado struck. He tried to get a loan to finance the home and rebuild it, but was turned down. That’s when Extreme Makeover: Home Edition stepped in.

The home has 5 bedrooms, 3 baths and has an open floor plan. See more photos of the Tutwiler’s Extreme Makeover Home.

  • Mel Loomis

    I think this type of thing might happen to a good many of these Extreme Makeover homes. At first glance it seems as though the show is doing something great for a family that is going through hard times. But in most cases these families have serious financial troubles for a variety of reasons. Giving them a home that costs way more than they would ever be able to afford is not really going to help them in the long run. Of course they are all excited the day they move in…who wouldn’t be? But months later when they start realizing how much upkeep, taxes, utilities, etc on these big expensive house is, it probably doesn’t seem that great. So they have to sell it. This is obviously a really nice home, but if a buyer didn’t have a baby or a son really into sports or didn’t care for the distinctive decorating flair used to make the episode of the show more interesting, they would have to spend a TON of money redecorating. Oh and it’s in the middle of nowhere (don’t mean to insult, but I’m guessing there is not a lot of jobs, growth, or real estate activity in this area) most of the houses around it are probably worth maybe $100K, so it will probably be a bear to sell…in the meantime the “lucky” owners get to keep paying all the upkeep bills.

    My wife likes to watch this show, but not me. All I see when I watch it that Ty Pennington dude (gag)pretending as though he orchestrated this entire magnanimous effort. (no way, there are a ton of “production assistants” that set all this up.) Everyone else including the volunteers and the recipients of the house are just props for the show.

  • Dave

    Mel, If you watched the show you’d know ABC now sets up a fund to help pay the taxes and upkeep (and they often pay off the old mortgage). After the first few episodes were criticized for making the houses too big and expenseive, ABC made the houses smaller and put the bling factor into the decorating, and they sure people had funds to help afford the house.
    As for the Tutwilers, the press says they moved because people were jealous of their good fortune, not because of the cost. ABC tried to spread the good will among others in the community (again, watch the show) to prevent this. It doesn’t say much for Chapman Kansas that this happened, but don’t blame ABC.

  • Sandie

    Also in this case it did not say anywhere in the article that the home was being sold due to “financial difficulties.” It was due to ill feelings among neighbors and or community people.

    That being said, although a fund may be set up to help with increased property taxes and or maintenance, utilities, etc. You have to realize that the home, the other prizes such as automobiles, are considered income by the IRS. So, you give them a half million dollar home, some cars, etc. and in the eyes of the IRS they’ve made a half million dollars plus in income that year and therefore must pay income taxes on that!

  • Lynn

    I’s a shame that the Tutwiler’s feel that they have to sell their home in Chapman,Ks. due to the Chapman.Ks neighbors/community feeling the way they do. It wasn’t as if the Tutwiler’s had ASKED for the Disney vacaton while a new home was being built for them after the tornado ripped through there. It was gifted to them through ABC and Extreme Makeover. As I understand it,Pat Sutwiler was seriously wounded WHILE SERVING OUR COUNTRY and was home recouperating when the tornado hit. Myself, I would be PROUD to somehow payback our men and women of the Military in a time of tradgey in their lives. I guess some people weren’t grateful for the help they also got the same time as the Tutwilers.

  • Amy

    Being a Soldier myself, and in the area I can say this: When you live close to a military base the majority of the people that live in those small towns also have ties to the military. The hostility could be coming from military families who do not feel appreciated. I am a fan of the show. I dont beleive that the family should move because of other people being selfish. The people in the community should be ashamed of themselves. I would stay and be proud of the house that was built for me just as I am proud to say that I served my country. The people of that town suffered a massive loss, but it does not give the pople of that town the right to look down on someone who was fortunate enough to receive help.

  • Babin

    I live just a few blocks away from this home. Here is my account. I was very happy for the Tutweiler family on becoming the recipients of a new home. Thousands of people came from all around to help them and our community as well. Totally does not make sense that the very people who came out to help them have now run them out of town. We have lived here for 4 years and are military as well. We are very involved in the community and have a wonderful church family here as well. I think if everyone read the article submitted to the Salina Journal by Mrs.Tutweiler, you may see things a little different. Since they were given the home, they were never seen in the community at any function just getting to know people. If I were given a home, I could never be thankful enough to all those who participated. Just FYI–the nephew who was part of the story has stayed behind here in Chapman with a military family(by choice). In closing I would just like to ask everyone not to judge the people of Chapman based on rumors.

  • Chance

    This is the kinda people you have to deal with when you live in these small towns. Especially in the midwest..

    Everyone knows each other and their business and sometimes Living in area that is Modest & Shallow and you do not have a lot of extra-ordinary events…

    When something big like this happens to someone in a town this size.It may Have good feelings for a while. But in many ways Jealousy & resentment find there way in & it turns people. And being a town that size. you can’t escape it. Unless you leave.

    Ive seen this first hand.
    Happened to my Sister & her Husband and Kids in Western KS.

    Sad …that a whole city can not except a good thing happening to someone else.

    Jealousy & selfishness USA

  • http://zillow steve

    God dont like ugly he try to get rid of the town of chapman KS.
    Seems like Chapman is full of ugly.They should donate the money back.I bet they are just as ugly and keep the cash.may be the next time they wont be as lucky.

  • Suzanne

    I watched the show and thought eveything was fine with all that the team did, but maybe it was a combination of people feeling resentful after the cameras left and a little feeling of superiority by the family. I know I might feel odd and at the same time blessed to be the family chosen out of all those in need. Terrible to say, i suppose hard feelings were caused more by the women than the men of the community.

  • AV Homes

    Wow, this poor dad was shot in the neck in Iraq while a tornado ravaged his home and was given an awesome gift, but had to put his home up for sale because of the neighbors. How sad. Under the circumstances of how they have been treated since the home makeover, I would move as well. I hope the family will have friendly neighbors in a new town, wherever it may be.

  • Patty

    This family spent their insurance money on “things” since they knew they could live on post. Once a job change occurred, the family was going to have to move off base and didn’t have the money to build a new home. Many people in the community helped out this family. They were not very receptive of the community. The nephew stayed behind in Chapman. The Aunt supposedly told him she didn’t care if she ever saw him again. Don’t condemn a whole community because one family felt “guilty” about what had been given to them.

  • Jeff

    Every time I see someone from Chapman post trying to defend the town (whether here or cjonline), they just seem to strengthen the perception of the town as full of jealous, unfriendly people.

  • Cricket Bats

    Jeff you are over generalising, your comments are unfair. I demand you remove them!

  • Nikki

    Listen, there is not just “a few” jealous and hateful people in Chapman, Ks. My grandparents live there, and it is perhaps the most unfriendly, controlling, and most hateful community I’ve ever experienced. The Tutwieler family just wanted peace & happiness for themselves, and their children. They were driven out of that town by insecure, jealous, and straight up HATEFUL people. They were innocent; the community is guilty. Irony is that NOOne, not one person, has changed since the tornado. Ya’ll may get swept away next time!!

  • jw

    Well I don’t know if they were “driven out of town” by guilt or whatever. I live just a few miles from Chapman & don’t really know anyone there so I can’t say that’s what happened. What I do know is that ABC knew before they built the home that this family was NOT going to be living at this house permanently & that they would soon be moving back to the state they came from, they did the house because it had a “dramatic” effect & knew itd draw in the audience & make everyone feel sorry for the family. Its all about ratings. Ty was in his hotel room in Kansas City the whole time except when they needed him on set! KC is quite a ways from Chapman. I don’t watch this show anymore because its just a bunch of lies. The people don’t even get to keep a lot of the stuff they put into the house, its all for the show & then removed. So maybe these people were driven out of town, or there’s truth in the fact that they weren’t going to be living there long! Will anyone know what truly happen? Its going to be a he said she said battle! (So to say)

  • jaime

    I live Between Chapman and Enterprise and I must say that unless you were born and raised here (as we are a military family as well) no one even tries to get to know you. I even had my children join 4H to be treated as though we did not even exsist we have a secret santa were you mailed or dropped off hints about whom your family was and then we all meet for dinner to tell each other whom the families were no one sent our family anything and pretty much shrugged their shoulders at us.. Even when your kids play on their teams they will not even cheer your child on unless they are from here originally. If I didn’t have a home here and knew that I could sell it I would move in an instant. I agree that the town is as unfriendly and makes you feel like an outsider. I try to get to know my neibhors and to no luck. Chapman is full of people who hate the outsiders. Going on 3 years of feeling pushed out.

  • chap man

    I have lived here in Chapman for 10 years….we didn’t grow up in Chapman and are treated like outsiders even today. I have donated money and time all over town and my kids have donated time to. To no avail. Chapmanites are close minded and care only if you grew up here. We moved here because we thought it was a beautiful community. Boy were we wrong. And as soon as my kids graduate we are selling and out of here.

  • Melissa

    I don’t know anything about this family but to for them to sell a home that was given to them and bail out of town had to be for a good reason. All I know is that from the sounds of it, this family deserved the help they got but I have seen many families on this show that to me should not have won. There was a family in Hawaii where the husband and wife made about 250 to 300 thousand a year and with that kind of salary, who needs help??? The whole Island complained and the show said that salary is not taken in consideration when choosing a family and to me, it should. Her husband was a vice president of a bank. So yes, I feel that some winners should be scrutinized but not this Tutwieler family.

    I live in a city where a classmates family of my sons just recently in the last few weeks won and had a home built for them and we went to see it as it was being built. I can tell you that it does not fit in the neighborhood. It looks to be twice as big as other homes around it. The street was blocked off except for those who lived on it but you were allowed to park at the mall and walk the few blocks it took to see it. I can tell you I have never seen such chaos in my life. I felt really sorry for the neighbors whose yards we had to walk on in order to get to the house. It will take them all summer to get their yard back to the way it was. The house has yet to be broadcasted but if this family gets half the slack that this Tutwiler family did, then I feel sorry for them. What I can tell you is and this is the truth, the neighbors complained about the noise that went on 24/7 for that week and they were not happy campers.

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