Dean Gardens” is an enormous mansion on 58 acres along the Chattahoochee River in Johns Creek, GA,  and it has been on and off the market for the past 17 years. It recently sold for $7.6 million and the buyer is entertainment whiz Tyler Perry (photo, left).

The creators of Dean Gardens are banking software entrepreneur Larry Dean and his wife, Lynda. It took four years to build the 32,000 sq ft mansion, which was completed in 1993. Sadly, shortly after the completion of the home, the Deans split, and the house was on the market. At one point, the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was reportedly a serious buyer and was ready to plunk down a good sum of money in 1994 — $40 million was the asking price — as he wanted to buy it as a surprise for his fiancee, Lisa Marie Presley. But once the media learned of the deal, Jackson backed out. So, here we are 16 years later with a sold price that is about $32 million less than a one-time asking price.

Nearby residents and real estate onlookers have scoffed at the mansion, which has been referred to as “Dean’s Pink Elephant in Georgia.” Dean is relieved to get rid of the home, which has been a huge cost to him, including $25 million to build it, $18 million to pay for staff, taxes and utilities over the years, and $1 million in annual maintenance.

Here’s the clincher: Perry plans tear down the house and “… build his own home, one that is environmentally friendly and made of concrete.”

The home features two carriage-house apartments, an 18-hole golf course, wedding chapel, band shell, and formal gardens.

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Photos below courtesy Hooked on Houses:

  • Short Sale Attorney

    I love his movies, I think he is one of the good guys in Hollywood.

  • Real Estate Justin

    Wow, that is one beautiful house. Love the peacocks!

  • Julio

    We’ll see this on “Celebrity Foreclosures” soon enough!

  • movers

    Tear it down to then build a more “green”house. I love it when people tear down existing things to build bew things that will save the environment….

  • Ishla

    Julio maybe if you where buying it. We would see it on the short sales list. But not Tyler!

  • Leah

    WOW that is on BEAUTIFUL house he has there!,but I know he spent a fourtian on that house.Im supprised that he is not running low on money. He even puchased a car for Oprah.

  • Admiral Apprasil

    thats one gaudy place but great purchase Tyler shot score player

  • H8RED

    Wow, with a name like Ishla you know whats up. I love how you seem to act as though Tyler Perry is the best thing since sliced government cheese. Get a clue. How many movies can one narcissistic black man make about typical black lameness. I got a good one for Tyler to make. How about “Tyler Perry’s House of Welfare Sucking Women Who Don’t Have Enough Common Sense To Not Get Pregnant In The First Place”. The man is lame. How f-ing green is tearing something down and using up MORE resources to build your “GREEN HOME”. Clueless is what I think.

    Oh and please don’t think that I am a racist. I don’t hate you because your black. I just hate you because your stupid.

    Well, I’m off to go smash my car so I can get a Prius. Then I will be heading to the grocery store and buying all organic food so I can go home and throw all my non-organic food in the trash. That’s right, I’m doing it all for the planet, because at least that is something that I don’t hate.

  • jsmith

    i live a mile down from this house.
    a lot of people don’t know that this is a private residence because it sits right next to a luxury golf course and it almost looks like a really fancy club house. so many people tried to enter their land, they ended up putting a sign that says “this is a private residence” at the gate. funny.
    gorgeous house but yeah it is kinda old and outdated.

  • Lisa

    It’s funny how certain people knock others success..this is his one can change what God ordained before the foundation of this world,but Mr. Perry… If he want’s to tear it down & put a dog house on the lot that’s his business…People need to grow up and stop hating… It’s our time to be first and not last..God is good…..

  • James

    Nice house Tyler P and to Leah, he has over $500 million dollars in his pocket to date and his own company.

  • Paul

    At first it seems hard to understand the rationale of tearing down the house, but in the long term it will be more energy efficent, and more to the point, at this end of the market, teardowns are more the rule than the exception.
    I am happy for Tyler and in spite of H8RED’s comments, he has generally had love as the basis of his movies. Don’t hate, that is the real waste of resources.

  • Roger Grirts

    This is a historic property that should be purchased by the Georgia historical society and preserved at their cost, I would lay down in the road in front of an oncoming demolition machine if this is to be torn down, it is an object of great taste and southern class

  • eric

    There is nothing environmentally friendly about the shear waste of tearing down a building like this just to put up another.

  • daniel

    In all seriousness aside. Tyler Perry got a good deal on an overpriced house. Well a good deal in today’s market, but who is to say what is to come of this. Currently the market is headed for a predicted decline for the next year until it is finally supposed to even out. At that point there will only be an annual 2% to 4% increase in property value according to some analysts. So with that being said, the cost of the property and the cost of construction, the man will be in the hole with this property in no time.

    While yes, he will be building a home that can save him money from year to year, being that the home’s cost to maintain is approximately 1 million dollars annually, when will it start to actually save him money. Lets say the new home he builds saves him 1/2 of that in upkeep and taxes. It will still take him quite a while to offset the cost of tearing down and building a new home in its place.

    “Teardowns” are never the rule of thumb Paul, its just what rich people do in order to be trendy. Going green is about preservation not waste. The construction debris (I’m sure of which will be unused in the building process), the fuel for the vehicles driving to and from the construction site, the fossil fuels used in the production of the building materials used to make the home, are all contributing factors to being green. From the green view point, this is about as non-green as it gets aside from tearing the place down and building another Mc Mansion. People get so wrapped up in having the latest and greatest fad, they forget the things that are important.

    On a side note. I have seen a few Tyler Perry movies and to be honest, I just don’t see the fascination with them. They seem very male oriented and chauvinistic to say the least. They are also very cliche and seem to have the same plot line. A weak victimized woman needing a man to rescue her, mixed in with some crazy family members. As for his success, I am glad some people like him, its just not my thing. Hopefully he will open the doors for some more creative African American directors to create some truly inspiring movies.

  • Max

    There are more beautiful sites for a new “green” home. This one should be established as a charity site for TP’s foundation work!! I think the old real estate motto of “highest and best use” is out of date. In today’s economy, I vote for not throwing anything out until it’s completely dead.

  • Tee

    Wow! i thought TP just completed a house in Georgia last year. I don’t really get why a single guy with some dogs wants to purchase such a enormous house and so much property. I guess he doesn’t know what to do with his money:)

  • mr

    Why would somebody put a 40Mil home in the middle of homes costing from 200k to 700k? Haven’t somebody ever heard of the real estate jagron, dont spend beyond what your neighbors spent, you will never get your money back. Forget about making friends with neighbors. Hopefully TP will knock it down build a “green community” and make money :)

  • Ray

    The property does not have an 18-hole golf course. It has 3 short par-3 holes.

  • Owner Finance Real Estate

    Tearing that place down is going to take a lot of work. But im excited to see what goes back up!

  • Diane Tuman

    Hey Ray: In looking at the bird’s eye view of the property, I don’t see 18 holes, but several publications report it has an 18-hole course:

  • Tara

    In response to Lisa’s comment “People need to grow up and stop hating… It’s our time to be first and not last..God is good…..” First of all, you contradicted yourself by making your own hate obvious. Shame on anyone who speaks out of hatred at the same time as praising God. Anyone who does so apparently does not actually know God. Second, research history better. It goes back a lot longer than 200 years, consists of more than this country alone and you will be surprised at what you will learn. Third, Tyler Perry bought a house, he is a man, not a race. For the record Lisa, I am a black American myself. However, I see people as individuals and feel their success or failure is their own responsibility and rests solely on their own shoulders. God does not play favorites, we all have freedom of choice. No one should use hate as an excuse to hide their own lack of motivation to better themselves both financially and spiritually. As far as TP, he does what he does, he is successful at it and he can do what he likes with his own property.

  • Effie

    Seriously??? Who really cares? What-ever. . . . . . .

  • Bianca

    I no that right Tara!!!!!

  • Walter Burns

    I can’t believe Perry is going to tear this down! Does this $7.6 million mansion count as a distressed property??? Haha.

  • Okaloosa homes

    Burn it Tyler! You deserve better.

  • HG4

    Whats so environmentally friendly demolishing a house this big just to built another one?

  • Mike Kemp

    I love Tyler’s movies he’s an extremely smart and funny guy, I don’t want to add dummy to that. I could understand tearing down a dilapidated ugly home, but this home does not fit that at all. Think of the cost associated with tearing it down and rebuilding a new home. He stole this house, give it away to someone that needs a house and build your dream home on any one the other acres on the property. The home is unbelievable and could be someone else’s dream home as it is. Think about what you’re going to do there is so much waste going on and it would be a waste to do something so drastic to such a nice home.

  • Golden

    Congratulations Tyler! I know that you have calculated all of your pennies and that this not a rush rush decision for you, because I know that you know the word of God. Philippians 4:6 says”Be anxious for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. So as long as God has given you his blessing, you are blessed and no man (especially a jealous one) can curse you.

  • Sam

    As was noted already, it’s hilarious he’s going to tear it all down to build a “green” home. As he tells all his friends how eco-conscious this new house is, hopefully he won’t mention how many resources he used up tearing down a mansion and using new materials to build a new one.

    He could easily retro-fit it with some energy efficiency features like solar panels, rainwater collection, etc, and come out way ahead of a tear-down.

    But then he wouldn’t have the latest and greatest, which is what he really wants…

  • liberar iphone

    that is very beautiful house. Is better than Real Palace !

  • Admiral Apprasil

    you better hope those paychecks from those mindless whack movies and embarassing shows contiue or some tech nerd crushing duckets comes and buys it from you when your upside down

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  • Tony

    He made the money. He bought the property so he should do whatever he pleases with it. It isn’t as if extorted the owners or something. If the state of GA wanted to preserve the property they could have easily done so but they decided that $1 mil in annual maintenance was absolutely insane as well. Demolition and modernization takes place worldwide daily. I must also say that donating a home that will take $1 mil to maintain annually really isn’t donating at all is it. If the receiving party had $1 mil to spend a year then they wouldn’t need the donation.

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