Unzipped Mortgage Rates Report: December 22, 2008

Conventional mortgage rates are currently 4.75% and people are still waiting for them to drop that last quarter point…THAT IS CRAZY!

There is SO much risk of mortgage rates popping back up to the 5.5%-6% range, if the US Treasury reverses course and stops buying mortgage-backed securities.  On a straight risk/reward analysis, holding out for that last quarter percent while the risk of a full percentage point spike is NUTS.rebecca levinson

My RadioMortgage.net partner, Sean Purcell, was busy writing the draft of our new book so I was the guest on Radio Mortgage.  Rebecca Levinson, a real estate marketing consultant in Milwaukee, hosted Radio Mortgage and asked me:

What do the posted rates REALLY mean to a consumer?

Listen to my answers in this 12 minute podcast, hosted by Rebecca.

PS:  Expect to hear Rebecca a whole bunch more on Radio Mortgage.