When the real estate economy stabilizes and homebuilders regain their stride in building homes, there will be a new twist in custom-built homes: an extra master bedroom. No kidding.

In a recent article in the NY Times, the National Association of Home Builders  expects 60 percent of custom homes will have dual master bedrooms by 2015. This is not a new phenomenon. A few years ago the National Sleep Foundation revealed in a survey that nearly one in four American couples sleep in separate bedrooms or beds.

Why the separation? Habits such as watching TV as your significant other tries to sleep, or snoring and late-night addictions to our computers and smartphones have sent everyone running for their own space. Not to mention accommodating children and pets.

Would you add an extra master to your home if you had the choice?

  • Ben H.

    We constantly have people coming to stay with us. It would be really nice to have a large guestroom that makes them feel at home, rather than setting them up on the daybed in the office!

  • Diane Tuman

    You’re a generous man, Ben!

  • Doug L.

    Many separated couples end up living together too – but who wants to buy a new home thinking that they wont want to sleep with their partner down the road..

  • Owner Financed Homes

    2 master bedrooms is better than 1! Definitely won’t hurt the value of the home so why not?

  • Movers

    I agree sometimes you just need your space, even if is from your significant other. We get customers that have two king sized beds in their home and their main reason for the extra bed is because some couples cannot sleep in the same bed.

  • Mike

    Interesting idea and it’s even more interesting that 1/4 couples are sleeping in different rooms… I guess it’d make sense if you can afford a separate master bedroom rather then just staying up late in the living room/den.

  • Eugene

    I not only would add an extra master bedroom, but I plan on eventually building a 5 bedroom home with 3 master bedrooms (each with its own bathroom containing tub, shower, toilet stall, and walk-in closet and lots of closet space) with 1 study and 1 library (which could be used by future owners as extra bedrooms if they so desired). The rationale here is that everyone needs their own bathroom, no less so than when staying at a hotel (to state the obvious)! Dinner guests need a common restroom facility (so I would probably include one full restroom with shower near the entrance hall, and one half restroom between the family room and kitchen).

    Two things I’ve learned as a homeowner over almost 1.5 decades, that you can never have enough bathroom facilities and closet space!

  • Palmdale homes for sale

    One in four couples sleep in their own room? That is an interesting piece of information. I do think having two master bedrooms in a house is very important. Not always just for one couple, but other members in the family grow out of their small room and need more space as well. It seems fair that they should have a bedroom that leaves them room enough to move around as well.

  • Carmen Brodeur

    I have seen this in many homes in Scottsdale. It is very useful for visiting guests, older parents or even boomerang children. A second suite just makes sense.

  • Julie Pickens-Livermore

    I see good and bad regarding two master bedrooms. This is a tough call. If you have two little children and a three bedroom home (two masters), would you want one of your children to have all that space and a bathroom to play in unsupervised? But, on the other hand, it would be ideal for guests and/or spouses who need the space, etc. What bothers me is the fact that, couples are moving apart instead of together and letting computers, phones, etc get in between their relationships. Do we truly need all that space?

  • Taylor White, PHD

    I am all about the 2 master bedrooms.

    Why has their always been 1 big bedroom…and then smaller bedrooms anyway?

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  • Raleigh Condos

    2 Masters…now that is a novel idea. I guess if don’t feel like going all the way upstairs you can just stay on the main level master.

  • kai mai

    i love the double master idea I’m looking right now for a home with double masters

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