Utopia: Cabins for Sale on Luxury Liner Starting at $3.7M

(Photos courtesy Utopia Residences)

Here is an idea that will truly float your real estate boat — if you happen to be a millionaire with money to burn, that is. For $3.7 million, you can purchase a home on the cruise ship “Utopia.” Two hundred cabins on the ship will be sold and will range in price from $3.7 million to $26 million.

Conceived by a Beverly Hills team of professionals and industry leaders, Utopia is a premier luxury residential ocean liner with the goal to set sail in 2013. Some cabins have hardwood floors, marble counter-tops in the kitchen, walk-in closets and fireplaces. Benefits include access to the ship’s amenities: three swimming pools, tennis courts, an outdoor movie theater, shops, restaurants and a miniature golf course. Take a look at the residences of the Utopia (photo rendering of Regatta master bedroom below).

The real draw is not the cabin (though those sound nice), but the location. According to the LA Times: “During the Cannes Film Festival, the ship is slated to drop anchor near the south of France in the Mediterranean sea. During the carnival celebration in Rio de Janeiro, the ship plans to dock off the coast of the Brazilian city. On New Year’s Eve, cruise ship operators hope to take passengers to Sydney Harbor in Australia to enjoy the fireworks display. ”

A multi-national residence? You get travel and home in one. Remember that woman who lived in the QE2? She was ahead of her time.