Update: (10/20/09): Bloggers in Alaska are reporting that the Palins are building something (a new home? a garage for the seaplane? a multi-use facility?) next to their home. One even went on a Palin road trip to verify the information for themselves. And then there is that has perhaps the most intense coverage of Palin. (Photo of Palin’s new home above courtesy


Original post:

Shortly after Republican presidential nominee John McCain tapped Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, it put Palin and her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska, on the map. When Palin is not dashing off to her office in Juneau, AK, she resides with her husband, Todd, and five children in a single-family home located on Lake Lucille, in Wasilla.

According to Time Magazine,

The Palin family lives on Lake Lucille on the western end of town — she’s always maintained her residence here, even though the Capitol is a long flight away in Juneau. It’s a perfectly Alaskan lake: still waters ringed by evergreens and saw-toothed peaks, staged beneath a wolf-colored sky. You can just make out Palin’s house a stone’s throw from the public launch at the Best Western Hotel, by the red and white floatplane on the small dock out front (the governor’s husband is a pilot in addition to being an oil worker, commercial fisherman, prior Iron Dog snowmobile endurance race winner, and self-anointed “First Dude”).

Sarah Palin’s house, located at 1140 W Parks Hwy, Wasilla, AK 9965 is a two-story framed structure on a couple of acres, built in 2002 with a poured concrete foundation and no basement. According to Alaska magazine, the home was designed and built by “First Dude” husband, Todd. The home has an appraised value of $552,100, according to the Matanuska-Susitana Borough real property land details. You can see Palin’s home in the background here (sorry, I learned that link was blocked, but here’s a better view of Palin’s house).

It looks like Sarah and Todd own more than their Wasilla property. We came across this post by MilwaukeeWorld who did some digging on the Palin real estate holdings and it looks like Sarah and Todd own some other undeveloped land with family friend Scott A. Richter. Not as many as running mate John McCain’s 7 houses, but they certainly love their land in Alaska.

Wasilla is a city of approximately 5,500, according to the City of Wasilla Web site (although other reports place it as high as 9,780) and it sits 43 miles northeast of Anchorage, AK, making it a bedroom community to Anchorage rather than a weekend or holiday destination.

Wasilla’s homes for sale range from the low thousands to millions and they’re not your typical real estate choices. Note these “items” for sale: airplane hangar condo, a money-making coffee shop, a snow-packed condo unit, a parcel on a swan-populated lake, the old Wasilla post office (photo, right) a parcel with private canal access for your floatplane (photo below), and homes with BIG garages.

Wasilla is headquarters of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, but is no longer part of the race route because “real-estate developers in Wasilla have cut too many new driveways through the old sled trail, making it hazardous for the dogs to maneuver.” It’s clear that Wasilla was once a small town many Alaskans adored for its outdoor recreation and raw surroundings, but with Sarah Palin on the map, Wasilla is also on the map. It will be interesting to see how Wasilla evolves from the exposure of Palin’s stardom.

  • Bob Kelley

    Govenor Palin is a combination of a Teddy Roosevelt and a Ronal Reagan. How could it get any better?

  • Joseph P. Cannon

    In reading all the above comments I am appalled at the shallowness of some people’s character. In reading her book I am so impressed with her forthright discussion of her personal life with the children and her political life as governor and VP candidate. Especially where she mentions calling on god for guidance, what a wonderful person. I am also shocked at the gutter level some people go to besmirch a fine character, making accusations without merit or truth. Shame on you Katie Couric(??). And all the idiots who made comments about the costs of building a house and about owning an aeroplane who have no idea what they are talking about.
    I am 78 years old, a Korean war veteran and I know a good person and a patriotic person when I meet one. Sarah Pallin is a nice person, maybe too nice. I’m going to be in Wasilla this summer and hope to meet her, it will be the highlght of my trip. Feb.1,2010
    Joseph P. Cannon
    Fairfax, Va.

  • Joseph P. Cannon

    Mr Bob Kelley, I suggest you read the book “Imperial Cruise” to get a better understanding of Teddy Roosevelt before you put Sarah Pallin and Ronald Reagan in the same category with that nut case.
    He was a white supremist,a bigot,a liar, a fraud and a fake. And a disgrace.
    Joseph P. Cannon
    Fairfax, Va.

  • Palin Hater

    Palin is an uneducated idiot just like all the Americans who follow her …. just like Hitler made the stupid German masses follow him, Plain is doing the same to those not smart enough to see through her.

    You people that follow her are nothing but uneducated easily manipulated human garbage, and probably live very empty lost lives inside that facade you project.

    All we Americans can hope is that your children are the first Palin sends to their deaths when she starts World War III.

  • Joseph P. Cannon

    I have to assume you are a man, you have so much rage stored up in your heart. Do you ever read your writing. I’ll bet you didn’t know that Hitler came to power because the terms of the armistice with France to end WW 1 were so brutal that Germany went into a depression and the population starved. Their whole economy collapsed. It could have been Mickey Mouse, anyone who told the people they were good and been made boss. Hitler started out good for Germany but went mad later. Actually it is you who is the uneducated one in this discussion. Ms Palin is a college graduate, are you?

  • Jim Johnson, CRS

    Great photo of the Palin residence. It looks like a good time to buy in your area.

  • Delores Schoening

    It is going to take much more than Obama supporters
    to discourage me from voting for Sarah Palin if she
    should run for office. By your actions it confirms
    you have closed minds to facts. Have you personally
    checked the facts out that you are using as the basis
    for your tirades?

  • Roger Endo

    Obama (like other tyrants) is trying to convince us that his vision is our salvation. Good thing we are not buying it.

  • Education Quest

    just what President Obama is doing to this country. It is a sad day for American People,if he gets everything he is trying to pass, Godd help the American People. As one man said on the radio. “Obama will go down as the worst President we have ever had,

  • Money Flipping

    I got to hand it to her for juggling all the kids, the state, and a national campaign. She can take more stress than I could. So if she wants to build, let her build.

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  • Tina Wingate

    Tittle, Scmittle… I used to live in Wasilla…..what a beautiful community and I would love to return there someday…..wonderful memories.

    Who cares about Sarah Palin… in peace…and if you worried about the landfill….then go thru the proper channels (quit wasting your time on these sites) and do something about it….!

  • Joel Luther

    Sarah?, me and my gay boyfriend love and support you.. We are southern Californians and we know quite a bit og gays that also love you.. We are going to do whatever it takes to get you in the white house in 2012!! We can’t have Odrama in the white house anymore.. With this disaster that he and the democrats created, we need you to get his BUTT out of their or else our country is DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………….. SARAH PALIN 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joel Luther


  • c

    A must listen! Also transcribed:
    Sarah Palin’s speech in San Diego: Sarah, the Demagogue, comes unglued – Exclusive recording


  • rodney@building a new home

    Did anyone ever figure out what they were building? May be a dance studio.

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  • AGN

    Great Site. Keep up the good work!

  • travis

    hi sarah can i have some money? send to 1330 jonathon drive yuba coty california put to waylon and on the inside put do noteat…i mean keep…give to your brother and split money in half Merry Christmas thank you!!!

  • travis

    maybe like 50 buks each…..

  • april e.

    Get a life. Sarah palin is amzing person

  • Glyconutrients

    Nice water plane.

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