Can we measure the economy based on a football game?

Are you a diehard football fanatic?

Can you fathom the thought of not watching your favorite team on TV?

Blackout restrictions are in place between NFL teams and their local television markets. If the game sells out it is on TV. If the game is not a sell out, local fans become “blacked out” of signal and cannot watch their teams play. Or in other words, it will no longer be televised on your local network. NFL rules state a game must be sold out 72 hours prior to kickoff.

NFL ticket sales have been down for the past three years and it looks as if this year may be the worst yet. According to USA Today at least 11 NFL teams could be facing blackouts as franchises fight through a downward trend of stadium attendance. Last year the league had 22 blacked out games, a five year high.

Today’s economy has many consumers ultra focused on spending habits and an increasing number of consumers with no disposable money available. Maybe NFL franchise owners have priced themselves out of consumers comfort zones and now the economy will force ticket prices and the overall stadium experience back in place. Maybe consumers are at fault for paying the asking price for season tickets and supporting team revenue by shelling out for concessions and team jersey’s and such.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Blackouts likely.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Seven blackouts last year.

Oakland Raiders: Seven blackouts last year.

Detroit Lions: Four blackouts last year.

Can football tell us anything about the economy?

Let’s see… the cities above located in California, Michigan and Florida… States which just happen to lead the country in foreclosures. And the NFL expects it to get worse this year. I for one think this is a very viable measurement on the state of our economy. Just examine the statistics of the number of TV blackouts for NFL games and come to your own conclusion.

In fact, if you really want to feel the pulse of the economy, ask the following shops you patronize how’s business: your favorite restaurant, your cleaner, your car dealer, your real estate agent, your neighborhood pub, your car mechanic…. get my point?

And now for a shameless plug. Go Redskins! By the way I did not renew my five season tickets this year for the first time in a decade. The Skins priced me out of the market.

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