What You Get for $3,000 in Rent

Apartments and Homes for RentOver the past few weeks we’ve shown you apartments for rent in cities across the country and what kind of place you can get for certain amounts. Most recently, we did apartments you can get for $2,500 in rent.

This week, we’re taking it up another notch and showing you what you can get for about $3,000 per month in rent in some of America’s best cities.

Using Zillow’s search by monthly rent feature (image, left), you can easily browse cities and neighborhoods to see what’s for rent in any price range. Not only can you see apartments for rent on Zillow, but you can also post your home for rent!

Austin, TX: $3,000/month

For Rent – 555 E 5th St. APT 2925 Austin, TX 78701

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Chicago, IL: $2,900/month

For Rent – 409 W North Ave Chicago, IL 60610

Chicago, IL Apartments for Rent

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Washington, D.C.: $2,800/month

For Rent – 2508 M St. NW #2508 Washington, D.C. 20037

Washington, DC Apartments for Rent

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Phoenix, AZ: $3,000/month

For Rent - 8 Biltmore Est #217 Phoenix, AZ 85016

Phoenix, AZ Apartments for Rent

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New York, NY: $2,950/ month

For Rent – 59 E 72nd St. APT 3D New York, NY 10021

New York, NY Apartments for Rent

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Boston, MA: $2,840/month

For Rent – 1 Devonshire Pl. APT 3611 Boston, MA 02109

Boston, MA Apartments for Rent

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If you’re interested in doing some searches of your own, take a look Zillow’s apartments and homes for rent or, post your own home for rent.