I know very little about feng shui or elephants, but it turns out having elephant decor in the home is considered lucky. Specifically, having an elephant at the door of your house keeps out bad luck and keeps in good luck. Sounds good. I think baby elephants are cute and I’ll take whatever luck I can get. Some sources claim that you need eight or nine elephants (maybe really small ones?) while others say one is enough for good luck. Just remember that the larger the elephant, the more time you will spend walking around it.

Many of these resources claim that the elephant’s trunk needs to be up to make it lucky, or extra lucky. Considering how large the effect of an unlucky elephant could be I would err on the side of caution and rule out elephants with drooping trunks.

These photos are from Interior Designer Marie Burgos’ blog and show a place I never thought to put elephants – the bathroom. Though it makes sense with the whole watering-hole thing.

I think elephants would work especially well in a child’s room, but this could be because of my fondness for the always adorable Elmer the Elephant.

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