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Parents know that when you move your kids, concessions need to be made. For Obama girls Malia and Sasha, first on the list was a dog. They chose a Portguese water dog, but it hasn’t been picked out yet. On Wednesday came another accoutrement to help make life in the White House as normal as possible for young kids — the girls got their very own swing set. This White House swing set is positioned close to the Oval Office and is estimated to cost about $3,500, which is to be paid by the Obamas, not taxpayers.

  • Terrence Askew

    That is a great idea! Sometimes we loose site of what is important.

  • Caroline Bautista

    Wow,it’s wonderful,they are young girls,and they deserved it!!!
    We just love the Obama girls here in Europe.Keep up the good work girls.

  • James

    And how lucky are the Obama’s–they didn’t have to spend the day trying to figure out how to put the thing together! I hate the people who write those sets of instructions!!

  • Jim

    Can an average person REALLY buy this for $3500. installed as we see this? Or is another sweetheart deal like his Chicago house

  • Pham

    Times are tough for everybody, millions of people are loosing their jobs and the Obamas spend 10 thousands of my hard earned money on such frivolities, shame on them and shame on everybody who support them on this endeavor. Why didn’t they have that swing set installed in their Chicago home? Why did they waited until now to have it installed, so they can spend the Americans’ hard earned money. In America we call this free-loading.

  • Manassas VA Homes

    It looks like a fun place for a child to have some real fun!

  • Arlington VA Homes

    Any kids would love to have this in their yard.

  • kookpham

    Geez pham, the first year isnt even up yet and your getting out of your time out chair already. Sit down! You had your eight years to lose trust with the american people, and thats exactly what you did! They didnt have that swing installed in their chicago home cause their always in washington now. What good would the swing do in chicago?

  • kookpham

    oh yeah and were “losing” our jobs not “loosing” them! Is that why you lost your job cause you couldnt spell?

  • Gotta Love Them Swings

    I’ve got nothing but good things to say about this. The Obamas gave their kids a nice gift that helps them feel a bit more like normal kids. And they’ve apparently made it available to the children of the White House staff.

    They paid for the swing set out of their own pocket, NOT the taxpayers’. And its an environmentally friendly structure, according to the manufacturer. It isn’t health care reform, but it makes me feel good inside.

  • posixhost

    I’m happy for them, they need it for sure

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