Today we’re celebrating the online real estate community that we’ve come to love; whether it be through digital discourse or face-to-face at events like RE BarCamps, Agent Reboot, and RainCamps. One of the most popular ways for real estate agents to discuss and share information is Twitter, so we used some simple spreadsheet math to take a deeper look into this social world we appreciate so much.

Methodology: First, we put together a list of influential real estate Twitterers by culling from existing lists (such as Stefan Swanepoel’s, Dustin Luther’s, and Roost’s) and adding a few of our own. Then we used the Twitter Grader tool to get basic stats on each of these users, such as the date they joined Twitter, how many total tweets they’ve posted, and how many people they’re following. Finally, we came up with a sorting method for the Tweeters, and ranked the top influential Twitter users in a few interesting categories. This post is a collaboration with Zillow intern, Ajay Mehta (who frankly did all of the hard work.) Here’s what we came up with:

(You can follow the whole list and more here with one click)

Top 10 Most Addicted (highest average tweets per day):

1. @therealclint
2. @ribeezie
3. @laniar
4. @Ines
5. @dalechumbley
6. @doverbey
7. @phxreguy
8. @sarahstelmok
9. @susieblackmon
10. @jb140

Updated …

11. @mayaREguru

Top 10 Earliest Adopters (earliest Twitter account creation date):

1. @andykaufman
2. @jburslem
3. @morganb
4(tied). @respres
4(tied). @tyr
4(tied). @jfsellsius
4(tied). @jonwashburn
8. @pkitano
9. @mizzle
10. @bkmcae

Top 10 Most Soapbox-y (highest followers to following ratio):

1. @swanepoel
2. @mortgagereports
3. @jburslem
4. @1000wattmarc
5. @jonwashburn
6. @spencerrascoff
7. @bradinman
8. @mattgoyer
9. @jbern
10. @morganb

Top 10 Most Balanced (followers to following ratio closest to 1):

1. @davidgibbons
2. @beerealty
3. @joelrunner
4. @susieblackmon
5. @dalechumbley
6. @francesflynntho
7. @mikemueller
8. @pchaney
9. @terilussier
10. @pkitano

Top 10 Most Prolific (most total tweets):

1. @therealclint
2. @Ines
3. @laniar
4. @dalechumbley
5. @ribeezie
6. @respres
7. @susieblackmon
8. @sarahstelmok
9. @pchaney
10. @doverbey

Here’s a bonus interesting fact:¬†Early adopters come in packs: it seems that in the initial days of real estate tweeting, some of our most influential players joined Twitter in clumps on the same day. On March 11th, 2007 @jfsellsius, @respres, @tyr, and @jonwashburn all joined. On April 3rd, 2007 @jimmarks, @jimduncan, @tboard, and @mattgoyer all joined.

Don’t agree with these rankings or want to make a suggestion? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Thanks to everyone in the online real estate community, and make sure you give all of these invaluable Twitterers (and more) a follow.

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