Which Celebrity Would You Most Like as Your Neighbor?

Sure, celebrities are fun to gossip about, but who would you most want to live next to?

Find out by taking our new Celebrity Neighbors Poll, which is a widget you can put on your site or blog so you can ask your visitors this very question:

Which celebrity, or celebrity couple, would you most like as your neighbor?

Back in 2008,  Zillow voters didn’t seem to want to live next to Britney Spears, but how do they feel now, after her comeback? If you’re the noisy type, you probably won’t want Ashton as a neighbor. Don’t like lots of kids running around the neighborhood? Brad and Angie probably won’t be your first pick then. Hmm…maybe Madonna?

You can find the Celebrity Neighbors Poll widget and others, in Zillow’s Real Estate and Mortgages Widgets page. Just choose between a large or small size, copy the code, and paste it to your blog or site!

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