Wrong Agent Underneath Main Photo!

When an agent uploads a photo, you’ll notice their name is attached to the bottom of the photo when you are on the overview page of a listing (aka the home details page).  Occasionally, agents think that the agent under the photo is falsely claiming the listing.  This is not the case. This simply means the agent uploaded the photo. To get rid of the agent’s name, you can do two things:

1)  Rearrange the photos so that the main photo is a photo you uploaded. This will ensure that your name pops up under the main photo on the home details page.

2)  Delete all photos not uploaded by you.

We have seen many posts asking how to remove old or incorrect photos on owners’ home details pages. Until recently, only the person who added the photo could remove it, or one of us Zillow folks would have to remove it for you.  Now you can remove photos yourself!

Caveat: You need to be the claimed owner or the current listing agent to remove photos from a home details page.

To remove photos as the owner:

  • First, claim the home as the owner
  • Remove photos by clicking the EDIT button. Go to EDIT LISTING INFO and choose Edit Photos. Then click the remove link on any photos you want to delete. (Note: Once they are removed, they cannot be retrieved by Zillow).

To remove photos as the agent: