(Photo of home courtesy Tampa Tribune)

This must be Yankees week, with back-to-back blog posts on Yankee stars. Yesterday, we wrote about star third baseman Alex Rodriguez dropping the price of his Coral Gables mansion and now this from the Tampa Tribune: Yankee star shortstop Derek Jeter is building a monster-sized home in Tampa.

Designed with a whopping 30,875 square feet of space, the seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom waterfront home dwarfs nearby mansions and could end up the largest home in Hillsborough County. It’s roughly the size of a BestBuy electronics store and twice the size of the previous No. 1 house, just across Hillsborough Bay on Bayshore Boulevard, owned by Lazydays RV SuperCenter founder Don Wallace.

Jeter’s home, which is described as English Manor-style with lots of gables and stone work, is located on the Davis Island neighborhood of Tampa.

  • Matthew Wentz

    Our firm has worked with designers and architects on many amazing, unique projects…I would love to be a part of this project if there is a need or request for natural stone (interior/exterior).
    Please contact me.

    Thank you so much.
    Another WOW! :o)

  • YuckYuck

    LOL! I’ve heard Tampa is one of the worst performing real estate markets in the entire country. This guy obviously can’t pour his money down the drain fast enough!

  • Howard Jackson

    YuckYuck, Jeter isn’t building an investment home. It’s where he wants to live and probably retire. You forget that this is where the Yankees play spring ball. Many athletes live/retire in Tampa Bay, particularly South Tampa. I also admit that I live right by there and have driven by. I agree with the report, on an island of waterfront mansions, his “mall” is immense

  • Ron Merrill

    If I were a city planner/building inspector I would not have approved such a massive project. It is too different from the surrounding homes and will hurt the asthetics of the neighborhood. This home is a monument to what is wrong with real estate in Florida and eventually will be a monument to what is wrong with Derek Jeter’s finances (think Redd Fox and Willie Nelson).

  • BSEA

    Good for you Derek, enjoy life and all of your success…kudos brother….

  • JF

    Ron Merrill, those who can do, those who can’t regulate. Derek is a performer; thanks for the contrast.

  • Tom Roberts

    I am a big fan of Dereks and the Yankees. Derek also owns a nice apartment in NYC where he stays during the baseball season and when he is up in New York to watch the Knicks however with all of his wealth I just wish the Yankees and Derek can win another world series.

  • Connie

    Wow, that is spectacularly unattractive. To each his own, but I don’t think it does a thing for the neighborhood.

  • Professor Griff

    Ridiculous size. Compensation?? Apparently Derek isn’t as well-endowed as we’d hoped, huh.

  • Sue

    I am sure this will be a beautiful home. It would be nice if there was a tour after completion. I have seen Derek at the coffee shop here in Tampa—he seems like such a nice guy. I think that it is wonderful that he wants to make his home here after baseball. Being in the financial business for years—and hearing the horor stories of some celebrities I just hope that Derek has trust worthy people managing his money so that he can enjoy his home after retirement.



  • DebtFree

    MC Hammer redux.

  • Rich Patnaude

    Well I guess when you make the money he’s makeing NO PROBLEM
    Anyways I think Jeter is a class act I just wish he played
    for the Red Sox. Tampa area is a great area to live

  • M Graback

    This is why Yankee tickets went up to $2500 a seat. I guess players want a big empty house so it can feel like e studium they play in.



  • sierra

    i love your house

  • Paul

    Quite your complaining people! Tampa is a beautiful city. It’s paradise down here. Enough with the jealousy. So you live in a little apartment… work hard and move on up! Don’t sit there at your computer, all bitter because someone is making a ton more than you. He has a talent that you don’t. Find your talent and maybe you’ll be better off too. I’m all for progress and success. And a project like this says all that. So I honestly think the folks complaining are the poor and/or jealous people out there. Misery loves company. Poor people love to gather around and talk shit about rich/successful people. Change your thinking and change your life. Be inspired by successful people… not jealous and bitter about their success. They earned it. Now go earn yours. Even if you don’t make millions of dollars, you can still make hundreds of thousands. Dream big and take action. Stop putting down others for their success!

  • Orestes Alfonso

    Hi, Mr. & Mrs. Jeter, You guys deserve that and even more. You have still beautifull things ahead of you, like creating and raising a family together. I wish you all the best in your future marriage as well as your personal carriers….One thing you guys know how to do well is help people all over the world, keep it up and enjoy your new place……Thats besides playing baseball, you are a legent of the sport and counting on you for another ring……Love Orestes Alfonso

  • Timothy Anderson

    Dear Mr.Jeter your house is awsome i wish mine was like. that but ill just have to try hard to get in th major leagues like you. you are my idle i’v havent been to one of your games i ask my parents to go for my birthday but they said no because times are tough. im 12 years old and live in harlem i gess ill just keep asking every year praying that they will say yes. that dont let me in the olums store because i would always walk there and whach the yankees games on there tvs. So Mr. Jeter if your reading this i just wanted to tell how much i like you my moms just said my internet is going down because my moms night shift dosent pay enough for long inernet use because we just had to pay of our rent so nice talking to you. -timothy

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  • Admiral Apprasil

    Yankees Suck
    Go Phils………………

  • Natarsha (from Maryland)

    While you make very good points, Paul, and yes Jeter does deserve the finest things in life as he has worked tiredlessly and effortlessly in his career to be the success he is. . .why such a big house when you don’t have a special someone or family to share it all with?? I am not a fortune teller but I haven’t seen any indication that Jeter wants to get married as he never appears to interested in a woman long enough to even bring up the word “marriage” to her. On his only 60 minutes interview with Ed Bagley (sp?). . .RIP Ed, you are missed. . .Jeter mentioned that when meeting people for the first time that he is very standoffish and is on the defensive until he totally gets to know the individual and what their true intentions are to be involved with him. . .regardless if it’s just a friendship or relationship. I guess I can’t blame him but man what a life one constantly has to live. And no I am not jealous, but I do feel that the house is “spectacularly unattractive” and is so out-of-sync with the rest of the neighborhood. I wonder what the neighbors are thinking of Jeter’s soon-to-be new digs?

  • joe C

    I am a 60 year old big time Yankee/Jeter fan…But…This house is PIGGISH !!! Who needs a 30,000 SqFt house? Can you say Mike Tyson? Jeter has lost me on this issue. There are other wonderful things to do with money other than the life of a pig . … YUK.Jeter seems cool ad one day will realize the utter stupidity of this monster. Property Taxes in Fl are about 2 % , so figure $500,000 pus a YEAR !! Joe C NY

  • Howard Caplan

    Jeter’s castle brings to mind a line first made by Zero Mostel in “The Producers”. Quote: When you’ve got it, baby, flaunt it!”

  • christine zaccone

    D.J., I am a grandmother living in NJ, and me and my family love you to death…you’re a talented, classy guy and I hope we have a few more good years together (where I can watch you play)….I still work, and have a friend at work, Jimmy, who feels the same about you………Lots of Luch & Happiness, doll face……..CZ

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