Our heads are spinning and our eyes are hurting from all of the tweets, posts and reviews of of the Zillow iPhone App on day one.  Thanks everyone for your feedback — we’re excited about adding new features you’ve suggested into future versions!  A few bragging stats:

15,666 downloads in the first 24 hours

#1 Real Estate App in the Apple App Store

#3 Free App in all of the Lifestyle Category!  [update: as of 11am PT Zillow is now #2 Free App in Lifestyle!]

Here’s what the Washington Post, New York Times and Seattle Times had to say…

If you’ve tried it, review it and let us know what you think!

About the Author

Amy Bohutinsky is Zillow’s chief marketing officer. She joined the company in 2005, prior to Zillow’s launch, and oversees all marketing and communications, including brand, PR, social media, advertising, email and business development.

  • Cherie

    This app looks awesome! How about one for the Blackberry? :)

  • Neeraj Chawla

    Congrats guys! It’s simple, yet powerful. Why not develop for other smartphones?

    Many of us love to go Zindow shopping, especially in those golf course communities and on the waterfront :)

    Hopefully they don’t decide to put “NO VOYEURS” signs up.

    Also glad to hear the upbeat comments.. next stop IPO!

  • Portland Real Estate

    Congratulations guys! Great to hear that your hard work is paying off so soon. We hope to be a fellow App Store peer here soon

  • Vic Schmidt

    Have used Zillow for iPhone for a couple of days now, and here are a couple of thoughts about it:
    1) Needs to have a way of providing you with Feedback, suggested changes, etc. I find MANY iPhone Apps have that feature and have had a lot of success having features I’ve recommend implimented in several of my favorite or highly used Apps.
    2) How does one go about having information about a specific property corrected (IE, my home shows as being a 3 BDRM Single Story house when in fact it is a 2-Story home with FOUR bedrooms – and has been since it was built in 2001.
    3) Don’t seem to be able to type in an address and get Zillow to go there to check a specific address. Uses the Current Location just fine, but does NOT locate other addresses consistantly.
    Thanks for a great Ap, hope you impliment some of my suggestions!

  • Drew Meyers

    Regarding number 2, that can’t be done via the iPhone — but it can be done on our website. Simply navigate to your home details page (here’s an example HDP), click “edit home info” in the tools menu on the left side of the page, then go through the claiming process and edit your home facts. Hope that helps!

  • Lisa Merritt

    Congrats on the great new app! We can all use more options to promote, promote, promote!

  • Don’tBeEvil
  • Ethel

    Don’t sell, Don’tBeEvil,certainly not for $250. What cheapskates. You probably know Frink and Barton capitalized zillow with $57 mil, part of their profits off if zillow is doing so swell, if you believe all the self-hype you read on this blog, izillow is not only worth more, but Frink and Barton can afford to pay you much, much more and fairly. I like the idea someone suggested of “parody and criticism.” That’s not hard to do with zillow — so easy and fun to make a “comedy” out of all the bs they’ve pulled on homeowners and agents alike since they’ve been running. I wouldn’t use their logo though, but decorate with a Z upsidedown and backwards. There are sites like zilo, I’ve been told, and no one has copyright on the letter “Z” — to my mind it still stands for that horseman who rides “out of the night, when the full moon is bright” … that bold renegade making ZZZZs with his blade, Z’s that stands for A LOT MORE than zillow. “Stand sure” on principle — and give em hell.


    Been waiting a long time for this app. Thanks Zillow!

  • Vertis

    Not that I’d heard of your brand before today, but its not like I’ll forget why I’m NOT using it. Wonder how long it will be till the #zillowfail campaign takes off on twitter.

  • John Lee

    Nice way of speaking to your developers. As a developer using your API, I’m a bit disgusted you have to strong arm developers. If anything, you should offer a bit more than the $250 paltry sum. How about I offer $100 to buyout your iPhone app intellectual property? At least apologize to the developer or face the possibility of being bashed by everyone on digg & reddit.

  • Drew Meyers

    I’ve been in contact with Mr Bunson about the issue being discussed on Hacker News. I don’t think it’s appropriate to discuss our conversation in public, however, I will say that what is described here is not a complete representation of the conversation. Mr Bunson is welcome to continue to use the API as long as he doesn’t infringe upon our trademark and use our brand name “Zillow” on his website.

  • Vertis

    The problem with that is that you’re not addressing the fact that he’s built up a user base on, and more this comes suspiciously soon after you’ve launched an iPhone application of your own. website has been registered since May 2008. It’s then taken you a year to get around to ‘protecting’ your trademark.

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  • Cynthia Blanton

    Does your iPhone app include data for Canada?

  • Drew Meyers

    At this time, Zillow only includes residential housing data in the United States.

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  • Jeff

    Love Zillow. Would love an option to drop some feedback though.

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  • iPhone Developers

    Congrats on the great new app! We can all use more options to promote. Thanks for info

  • Singapore Property

    Nice post I Like your site very well and continue to do so. I have bookmarked your site.

  • Jim Cheshire

    Eager to know if the App continues to meet your expectations a year later? What are the latest stats?

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