Zillow Makes It Easy to Find an Agent, Lender, Mover and More!

As the home buying season kicks off, home shoppers across the country are on the hunt, not just for their dream home, but for the people to make the entire process easy and enjoyable.

Wondering if a nationwide database exists? Look no further. Zillow is here to help every step of the home buying process with more than 130,000 reviews of real estate professionals – from notaries to appraisers and inspectors to movers.

Homeowners, buyers and sellers come to Zillow year round to read firsthand reviews of hundreds of thousands of real estate professionals submitted by other owners, buyers and sellers, and immediately make contact when they find the right fit.

The Zillow Reviews team uses advanced fraud-detection tools to verify that each review meets our terms and conditions; the team does not hand-pick a list of family, friends and advertisers.

Zillow’s goal is to give consumers a diverse set to choose from when selecting a real estate professional, arming users with information and tools to make smart decisions.

On the flip side, if you’ve recently worked with a real estate professional and want to share your experience – the good, bad or ugly – visit Zillow and make your voice heard to help others.