Updated (11/26/2008) 

With the launch of our Zillow Mobile website, we have discontinued our Zillow Mobile email service.  Please point your mobile web browser at to get Zestimates and more on your mobile device.

Zmobile_3   I was strolling around Capitol Hill a while back and saw a pretty sweet house I was interested in. How much was it worth? How big was it? The information was out there, but I had to wait until I got home before I could look it up.  That’s when it occurred to me… people should be able to get this information on the go.

So, a few other Zillowites and I started cooking up some ideas in the Zillow Labs.  We came up with “Zillow Mobile,” a new way to get Zestimates and other home details sent right to your cell phone or Blackberry. It’s easy to use – just send an email or text-message to Include the address with the city and state or zip (i.e. 123 main st seattle wa or 123 main st 98101), and you’ll get a reply almost instantly with the Zestimate and basic home facts. Remember, it’s still a Labs project, so it hasn’t been fully tested and may still have a bug or two to iron out.

Next time you’re walking the dog and pass by your dream house, check to see if it’s within your price range.  Or, next time you’re out looking at homes with your agent, send us a text to see what Zillow says it’s worth.  Whatever your reason, try it out, and let us know what you think!

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