Zillow’s Got Talent!

Last Friday, Zillow’s Culture Committee sponsored a late-afternoon event called “Zillow’s Got Talent!” And, just as the name implies, the event asked Zillow employees to showcase their talents before their peers in a mini talent show.

In keeping with the “America’s Got Talent” theme, three celebrity judges helped keep things hopping, led by Chief Marketing Officer Amy Bohutinsky (aka “Sharon Osbourne”), Chief Financial Officer Chad Cohen (aka “Howie Mandel”) and Vice President of Marketing, Jeremy Wacksman (aka “Howard Stern”).

The judges critiqued each act, giving feedback in keeping with the personas they adopted. As imagined, some of the comments were a little R-rated (We’re talking about you, Jeremy, er… Mr. Stern), but the experience was all in jest. At the end of the contest, votes were placed via text message voting, which appeared in real-time on the screen. It was pretty cool to vote via a smartphone and see votes recorded immediately. But, enough of the details. Here are the results of the first “Zillow’s Got Talent contest:

1st place — Account manager Andrew Hafzalla, who wrote an original composition “Life at Zillow.”

2nd place — Software developer Ross McClure, who delivered a rousing beatbox improv.

3rd place — Senior engineer David Miura and his team, who ate meatloaf sandwiches to the tune of  Bat Out of Hell” by Meatloaf.

Does this seem like your idea of a fab company? If you like what you see, check out our jobs page and find a career at Zillow. Plus, we just opened an office in Orange County where we plan on hiring a bunch of people! C’mon — join us!

Here are some photos of the event (courtesy senior PM Adam Cohn):

3rd Place: Dave Miura's team chowing down on meatloaf sandwiches to Meatloaf's "Bat Out of Hell." That's Dave (far left).

Inside sales consultant Joshua Boyt

Developer Ross McClure working it during his beatbox performance

Marketing's Alison Paoli and Mitch Robinson brought back Sonny and Cher with their version of "I Got You Babe."

National Outreach Manager Brad Andersohn and his wife, Debra Lee, Skyped their performance from California.

Inside sales consultant Jim Collins (far left) and his bandmates, Scott Price and Jared Lettau

1st Place: Andrew Hafzalla singing "Life at Zillow."

Our esteemed judges (from left to right) Howie Mandel (Chad Cohen), Howard Stern (Jeremy Wacksman) and Sharon Osbourne (Amy Bohutinsky).