Zillow’s New Mortgage Widgets

Zillow’s Mortgage Widgets are our most popular widgets, and we’re responding by giving you more flexibility to match and enhance your brand.  What are we most excited about? Custom colors! In just a few clicks you can tweak the widgets to match your site’s color scheme.

The updated Zillow Mortgage Rate Table Widget asks you for a region – you can even do nationwide rates – and voila! It returns up-to-the-minute quotes that people are seeing in real-time on the Zillow Mortgage Marketplace.  All while promoting your brand and strengthening your site’s content.

Mortgage Rate Widget

The Mortgage Resources Widget is brand-new. It provides a handy assortment of links to Zillow’s Mortgage Help Center. We have also enabled you to select custom colors to match your site.  Best of all — like all of our widgets — it has the “co-branding” option. When the co-branded option is selected on a widget, your branding appears at the top of Zillow pages with your photo, contact information, and a link to your profile. So if you have listings on Zillow, it’s a great way to remind home shoppers which agent they should be turning to.

If you need more quality content on your page, please check out our main widget page. We think we have something for everyone. Finally, visit our widget installation help page if you have any questions.