Real Estate Agent Reviews in Zip Code: 59715

Agents are ordered using an algorithm that weighs different types of activity in the region, including reviews, sales in the last 12 months, and listings.

Reviews in 59715

Agents are ordered using an algorithm that weighs different types of activity in the region, including reviews, sales in the last 12 months, and listings.

Client review

In 59715:

15 Local Reviews

9 Recent Sales

1 Listing

Bozeman Broker Group

Review 08/31/2015:

"She first helped me when I bought my townhouse in Bozeman in 2008."

Most Listings

Sue Frye

(406) 556-5056

In 59715:

No Reviews

1 Recent Sale

58 Listings

ERA Landmark Real Estate

No local reviews yet.

In 59715:

17 Local Reviews

2 Recent Sales

1 Listing

Heart of Montana Realty

Review 08/04/2015:

"Had she not been there when I needed her, I would have missed out on my beautiful ..."

In 59715:

5 Local Reviews

No Recent Sales

32 Listings

Platinum Properties

Review 04/16/2015:

"We began the listing with Sally, whose wisdom and experience helped us to find the..."

In 59715:

15 Local Reviews

No Recent Sales

2 Listings

Coldwell Banker RCI Realty

Review 03/01/2014:

"He is very knowledgeable and is very good as far as finding just the right properties..."

In 59715:

6 Local Reviews

11 Recent Sales

3 Listings

Montana 406 Real Estate

Review 07/16/2015:

"She was always willing to accommodate my crazy schedule, usually before or after ..."

Most Sales

In 59715:

4 Local Reviews

14 Recent Sales

2 Listings

Tim Hart Real Estate

Review 06/11/2015:

"Then, Lori went on to do a pre-home inspection and put together a punch list of ..."

In 59715:

10 Local Reviews

4 Recent Sales

2 Listings

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices of Montana

Review 05/30/2015:

"She is honest, thoughtful and incredibly thorough."

In 59715:

8 Local Reviews

3 Recent Sales

10 Listings

Berkshire Hathaway Montana Property

Review 04/12/2015:

"Since that date, Dan has continued to help me with introductions to service providers ..."

In 59715:

7 Local Reviews

7 Recent Sales

No Listings

Bozeman Montana Real

Review 06/19/2015:

"She has great knowledge of the area and I would highly recommend Jenifer and her ..."

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