Free Co-Branding on Zillow

What is it?

If you place a Zillow URL on your Web site or blog with special coding, and it's clicked, your photo, contact info and link to your Web site appear at the top of each Zillow page they see.

Why Use it?

  • Co-branding boosts your visibility among the visitors you send from your Web site to Zillow.
  • Your contact information follows visitors throughout their session on Zillow.
  • Simply add the parameter "#{scrnnm=zillowscreenname}" to the end of any URL that links to Zillow, and substitute your Zillow account screen name for "zillowscreenname." If you don't know your screen name, you can find it by clicking on My Zillow.
  • If you have spaces in your screen name, replace them with dashes when appending this code to your links.

For example:

  • Zillow screen name: Firstname Lastname
  • Co-Branding code: #{scrnnm=Firstname-Lastname}
  • For example, to link to the Zillow home page:{scrnnm=Firstname-Lastname}

Add valuable information to your Web site or blog today!

Screenshot: Cobranding