Carondelet High School

1133 Winton Drive, Concord, CA 94518
(925) 686-5353

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Private Grades 9-12 802 students 18 students/teacher (CA avg is 21)

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About this school

Carondelet High School is a private high school in Concord. The principal of Carondelet High School is Mrs. Bonnie Cotter - President, whose e-mail is 802 students go to Carondelet High School and identify mostly as White, non-Hispanic; Asian/Pacific Islander; and Multiracial. The student to teacher ratio at Carondelet High School is 18:1. De la Salle High School of Concord is one of the nearest high schools.

Extracurricular activities


  • Band
  • Ceramics sculpture
  • Chorus
  • Computer arts
  • Dance
  • Drawing painting
  • Orchestra
  • Photography
  • Theater drama
  • Video film production

Languages Taught

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Latin
  • Spanish


  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Cross country
  • Golf
  • Lacrosse
  • P.E. classes
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Track
  • Volleyball
  • Water polo

Student Ethnicities

Ethnicity School District
White, non-Hispanic 67% %
Asian/Pacific Islander 6% %
Multiracial 6% %
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 4% %
Black, non-Hispanic 2% %
Hispanic 14% %
Asian 14% %
Native American or Native Alaskan 0.1% %

Community ratings & reviews

  • (5 years ago)

    Carondelet was hard for me as an odd person. It was very cliquey. So many girls are fake. It's almost a standard for a normal Carondelet girl to be bubbly and talkative - though that is not true for everyone. Also students who are in sports are much more appraised than those who do not. The school lacks individuality as seen in the uniforms and caucasian dominance. Though the upside of the school is its safety and education. Never have I seen physical violence. It's a good school for getting into a good college and there are a couple of amazing teachers. Parents if your daughter is an outcast she will be much happier elsewhere. If there's a money issue try to sign up for the Work Grant program which will cut the tuition in half.

  • (5 years ago)

    I just graduated from Carondelet last year and it is an amazing school for teenagers. Yes the Deans will ocassionally give you problems but the education is worth it.

  • (6 years ago)

    Sending my two daughters to Carondelet was a matter of choosing between the lesser of two evils public vs. private. Although my daughters both excelled academically it was mostly through their own efforts. 'All that woman is capable' is really all about sports there is very little encouragement to those who are not involved in sports or extra curricular activities which are controlled by the 'in crowd' of students and teachers. I agree with other posts that the administration looks the other way for those who 'play the game'. Rules are not enforced fairly. The good teachers are marginalized for not playing the game. Dealing with administration was frustrating; they were not willing to listen only dictate.

  • (6 years ago)

    I feel as though Carondelet has somewhat taken away from my normal high school experience. Its faculty is obsessed with rules and regulations (except with a few special students to which they willingly turn the other cheek) and stifle individualism. Many of the teachers are overprotective of their jobs and are unwilling to make class interesting and creative. The clubs and sports are very political and often undesirable or impossible to join. Carondelet also makes no attempt to help its students socialize with the De La Salle students which are separated from one another simply because of gender. In no way do I feel that I would have been 'distracted' by boys nor do I feel that segregating genders is a normal part of adolescence. Although it prepared me quite well for college I don't feel that I am any more prepared than many of my public school educated classmates

  • (6 years ago)

    Completely overrated. Carondelet has managed to convince parents that they should pay above average tuition for an very average education accompanied by bullying from the staff and administration. Their motto-- 'all of which woman is capable'--falls flat as they are much more interested in sports achievements and length of the uniform skirts than academics. They want the girls to conform; thoughtful questioning and critical thinking are unwelcome and quickly quashed. The college counselors are not only useless they are harmful discouraging the girls from reaching for colleges that might be a stretch for them. Many of the faculty and staff have been there for years and their primary interest is in protecting their own turf. The physical plant is very attractive and appealing but there is nothing of substance inside.

  • (6 years ago)

    Carondelet provides a solid education and safe environment for young women. I was stimulated in my academic strengths and aided with my weaknesses. But the gender inequities between Carondelet and De La Salle make me more and more uncomfortable after graduating Carondelet and recently college. They'll feed you a standard line about 'separate administrations' to justify flagrantly inequitable rules while simultaneously co-mingling the students during break lunch and upper division classes. The gender integration is great but the inequities such as the uniform requirement for girls only and the off-campus lunch privileges for boys only are the result of sexist policies. Also my freshmen year at CHS a fundamentalist guest speaker addressed our class on such issues as the sin of divorce and of abortion in the case of rape or incest. This has disturbed me for years.

  • (7 years ago)

    I had two daughters attend Carondelet. Academically they did very well but I found the environment extremely cliquish within the students parents and some of the teachers. If you aren't willing to 'play the game' you will be on the outside. The rules are not enforced fairly i.e. uniforms and exceptions are made constantly if you know which buttons to push. There are a handful of wonderful teachers that are committed to these girls and they made it all worth while.

  • (7 years ago)

    Carondelet is an excellent school. The academic program is challenging and left me very well prepared to graduate early from college and attend professional school. The environment is very nurturing and the extra-curricular activities are great. I loved Carondelet and hold it dear to my heart today.

  • (8 years ago)

    i have my second girl at this school. has excellent academic programs even i am not a catholic i like their religious program in regards to respect safety school grounds parent involvement last but not least..they bring up independent woman...

  • (9 years ago)

    I highly recommend Carondelet for a number of reasons. Firstly the separation of girls and boys affords tremendous advantages especially for the girls who tend to focus more easily on their education. The campus discipline is second-to-none and as a parent I had not a worry in the world for my child's safety. Teachers are mostly relational and all 3 of my daughters loved (and still love) the school because of this. We are not Catholic but Carondelet made exceptions in the past for academically excellent students of other backgrounds and agreed to let us enroll our girls (for a slightly higher fee I might add!) The education is more expensive than sending a child to the UC system but well worth every penny. I have no regrets regarding the cost because the experience for all three (and mom & dad) was priceless.

  • (9 years ago)

    Carondelet is an ok school. The academics are great and it is a beautiful safe school.

  • (9 years ago)

    Great option for all-girls education. Teachers are dedicated and caring. Lots of opportunity for personal attention. Students will be well-prepared for college.

  • (10 years ago)

    This school provided me with a wealth of accademic resources but little in the way of social/emotional support. I found their emphasis onsmall issues like conformity with dress to be stiffling.

  • (10 years ago)

    Excellent instructors. English department is especially solid. Secure environment is provided for students.

  • (10 years ago)

    Top notch in AP History and AP Physics. Administration a bit less forgiving than necessary but a very safe environment.

  • (11 years ago)

    This school is a great school. Girls can concentrate on their studies and still get to see boys and interact. They challenge the students which helps the student in college.

  • (11 years ago)

    It is a great school. Students who go here are challenged which is great for college.

  • (11 years ago)

    My child and I had the best experience years at Carondelet High School. She was totally challenged academically and socially. Students in their Junior and Senior years are able to take classes with De La Salle (all boys school next door). It provides such a safe environment that students are able to concentrate on learning. Parents are always updated on the progress of their children. The tuition is high but it is worth every pennies.

  • (12 years ago)

    Carondelet High School provides an excellent learning environment for girls to excell. There are classes available to challenge all abilities. They encourage them to be strong women and future leaders. They have a reputation for an excellent sports program that results in many state titles. Complaints-it can be very cliquish (but when you have groups of girls this happens) and the uniform policy is not enforced across the board.

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