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I get goosebumps. You should know that about me. Yep. That's how I know it's right. The right fabric, the right color combination, the right arrangement, the right idea… I can be in your kitchen, at the fabric showroom or in my studio, but when I get the goosebumps, I know it's right.

I'm one of those "born-to-do-this" designers. Sure, I have the business and communications degree to be successful in the business, and the design education to back it up, but I can't help it. I LOVE interior design. One of my favorite things to hear a client say is "I never would have thought of that." That's why I'm there – to stretch your imagination, to provide new options, to bring your ideas to life in ways you may have never imagined. I help YOU make the decisions you'd make if you knew what I know.

Quality, style and value. Three top priorities for me—and my clients. I'm all for the occasional splurge on an extravagant fabric or an original work of art, but let's be honest—when you shop as much as I do, you learn how to flex every buying dollar to build a space that's pulled together and completely you.
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Best Blue Bedroom

Don't fear color! Our inspiration was the wild F. Schumacher fabric in "Chang Mai Dragon" - we used the blue, orange, and citron palette throughout the space, in bedding, upholstery, pillows and custom roman shades. the result - gorgeous! photography: Robert Allen Weller

2 tags Contemporary Master Bedroom with Neutral area rug, Bonanza, Roman shades, Laminate floors, High ceiling

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