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Courtney direct cell # 580-747-1691... Web address: ( Courtney was born into the military life 32 years ago. Her father was a C-141 Pilot in the Air Force, who retired as a full Colonel. Courtney is one of three children, ALL of which attended the United States Air Force Academy. Courtney was class of 1999, her brother Mark (Skalko) was class of 2001, and her older sister Kelly was class of 1997. Her father was class of 1973 from USAFA and her uncle was also Class of 1974. Her father was a heck of a hockey player at USAFA and still holds many records at the Academy. Courtney's mom Vicki also works as a loan officer for Academy National Bank located on the Air Force Academy. There are few families that are more military than the one Courtney grew up in. There are also few families who's parents saved soooo much on college education for their kids... :)

Courtney became a Personnel Officer upon graduating from USAFA and married her college sweetheart, Brian, who is also class of 1999 USAFA, and a pilot in the active duty Air Force flying the KC-135R and the T-1A. Courtney has been stationed at Goodfellow AFB, Fairchild AFB, and Vance AFB. Brian, is now a Traditional Reservist, flying the KC-135R at Tinker AFB, on a part time basis. Courtney and Brian simply LOVE Enid! Courtney served eight years on active duty before seperating and becoming one of Enid's Premier Realtors under the mentorhsip of Gary Young, the Owner of Enid REMAX.

Brian and Courtney are both single family home RE investors and have been buying investment homes in Colorado and Oklahoma since 2002. Courtney's experience buying and selling investments for her own portfolio has given her valuable insight into the purchase, sale, financing, and fix-up of homes that very few other realtors can grasp or offer their clients. Today Courtney manages her own multi-million dollar portfolio of 13 houses, along with many others.

In 2008, Courtney's first full year in the Enid RE "sales" business, she did over $8.1M in production, placing her in the top five for Enid Realtors. What Courtney is most proud of however is the over $35,000 she saved military families in 2008 with her FSBO support program and military discount for sellers. Courtney understands military people are at a distinct disadvantage financially having to buy and sell a home every 3 years. This is her way of saying thank you to our fellow military familes, for what they do for our great country, and her effort to help them out.

Today Courtney has three children, Connor, Jake, and Brianna (7,5,3),and has been married to her husband Brian for ten years. Along with work and family, she is also involved with many community organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce (Chamber Ambassador), Air Force Association (Treasurer), and Vance AFB Officer Spouses Club (Board Member). How she does everything, and everything so well is a testiment to her work ethic and customer service, much of what she learned in the Air Force.

Whether you are moving to Enid or selling your home in Enid, there really is no choice when it comes to the Realtor you should use. If your values are "Integrity, Service, Excellence," then Courtney is the choice for you

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