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dream home

We all have our ideas of our "dream home." Looking at mine, it's appears pretty realistic. I love neutral colors, cozy spaces and quirky details. Forget the slides and pools; I just want a place to relax, cook, and enjoy time with family and friends!


I recently painted my front door this exact color! Love the modern numbers

Oakland, CA Zestimate: $749K

A little nook built into the side of the stairs is a great storage spot.


I love white tiles with white cabinets--- this is a great take on subway tile.


Doesn't everything look better in jars? My dream home will have a perfect pantry like this.


My dining room will be an open place and I love the idea of a fireplace by the table.

Estimate: $44,900


My dream kitchen will also include open shelving and punch of bright color. The exposed wood rafters are also a big favorite of mine.


My living room will continue the white palette with an eclectic mix of colors.


I also need a deep farmhouse kitchen sink in my dream kitchen.


I'm going to need a window seat in my living room as well and perhaps a statement light or two.

Estimate: $5,900


A small space like a powder room calls for a big statement!


Every home needs a cozy study with an inviting fireplace.


this glam bedding is gorgeous for a master suite.


A soothing, yet bright room makes a guest feel at home!


A stunning shower with multiple shower heads.


we can't forget an office with a gorgeous aqua desk!


My dream home will include a light and bright space that will entice me to actually do laundry!

Estimate: $29,300


Everyone needs a soaking tub with a fabulous view.


We're going lush for the backyard with plenty of greenery.


A perfect way to end a day on the lake: appetizers and drinks in an outdoor dining room.


A secret garden spot for reading.


Talk about a swanky chicken coop!