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We believe that architecture is a collaborative art. We actively involve our clients and builders in the design process. The image of a project is selected by the owner from a menu of potential images or concepts generated by our office as a starting point for synthesis and refinement. Contractors participate in the budgeting and quality control of each project.

Because we believe that architecture is a communicating art, brand identity must express the character and message to be conveyed to a target audience. Our work is therefore stylistically diverse. We believe a style must be appropriate before it is correct; no single style is more correct than any other. The scales and types of projects that we do are also diverse.

For Florian Architects quality design is not only the product of good proportion, form, color, and use. Conceptual design drawings, client participation, project management, construction drawings and observation are all essential to the realization of great design. No one aspect is more important than another. We enjoy the complete process, not just conceptual design.

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Toto Showroom

Drawing upon our museum exhibition and showroom design experience, we created two sets for Toto, the world's largest plumbing products manufacturer. Each set reflects the style of the products on display. The Neorest scheme is sleek and futuristic. For the Ryohan product line, we created an intimate, Zen-like environment. Photography: Barbara Karant

Estimate: $28,100 Contemporary Master Bathroom with Shower, picture window, Drop-in sink, Soapstone counters, no showerdoor, Master bathroom
1 tag Contemporary Master Bathroom with Toto Ryohan Self-Rimming Lavatory Sink, Concrete counters

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Due to image copyright, only you can see this image on your board.

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