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My bathroom is better than yours

Estimate: $33,100


It's like being on an exotic vacation every day with the multi colored tile over the windows and on the vanities and a red tub that matches the paint over the mirrors.

Miami Beach, FL Zestimate: $17.5M

Estimate: $11,700


Tile in red, blue, yellow, green, and white cover the vanity and match the tub. The wood pane around the window is a nice contrast.

Truckee, CA Zestimate: $697K

Estimate: $19,600


Amazing vanity! The red on it goes well with the tile and the blue wall brings out the blue in it.

San Diego, CA Zestimate: $2.8M

Estimate: $13,400


Nice turquoise tile around the bottom that brings out the wallpaper. Great idea to put a skylight over the shower.

Putnam Valley, NY Zestimate: $643K

Estimate: $16,400


The matching blue tub and pedestal sink look nice in the otherwise white bathroom.

New Canaan, CT Zestimate: $1.8M

Estimate: $15,600


Great vanity with lots of counter space and matching cabinets under each sink.

Frankford, DE Zestimate: $1.0M

Estimate: $15,700


The arched wall makes the sinks feel separate from the rest of the room.

MONTE SERENO, CA Zestimate: $4.3M

Estimate: $22,100


Just like taking a Roman bath with the columns.

Flushing, NY Zestimate: $3.5M

Estimate: $12,200


Unique turquoise tiles around the tub.

Estimate: $13,100


Unique rectangular sinks atop the vanity. Like the green and yellow tile backsplash with the green cabinets.

Seattle, WA Zestimate: $677K

Estimate: $10,400


Black vanity with plenty of drawer space goes nicely with the tile.

Long Island City, NY Zestimate: $521K

Estimate: $27,100


Modern bathroom with floating rectangular sinks gives a sense of space.

Decatur, GA Zestimate: $919K

Estimate: $16,600


Great striped rug.

Estimate: $6,900


The glowing green sink is amazing. And possibly made of kryptonite.

Estimate: $15,500


The blue walls look like siding. Neat idea to have an indoor bathroom feel a little like it's outside the house.

Estimate: $11,000


Fun blue tile on the floors and every wall.

Crystal Bay, NV For Sale: $39.7M

Estimate: $13,400


Interesting pivoting door to the shower. The matching tile on the floor, walls, and ceiling are complemented by the green window and wood vanity.

Estimate: $15,500


The blue tile accents highlight the blue glass sinks on the black vanity.

St Augustine, FL Zestimate: $1.4M

Estimate: $18,100


Stone around the shower and tub inspired by a medieval castle.

Sugar Land, TX Zestimate: $1.6M
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