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Finding an agent can be challenging.  You want someone knowledgeable, helpful, confident, who knows the market and can advise you in the best way possible. You need someone who will be in your corner when the negotiation starts, but who tells you the truth about what can and cannot be done.  A good agent is your reality check, but also that person who fights for you to get the best possible deal!  I do my best to make sure the customer is at ease about their decision and has a smooth transaction from start to finish.  The last thing you need is an agent that adds stress to the process....I do the worrying for you!

My customer service and management experience completely compliments the multi-tasking, high pressure, fast-paced business of real estate!  As a full-service realtor I know the completion of a sale is not the last word. There is a plethora of things my customers trust me for long after the deal is done. I want people to think of me whenever they think of real estate, but also if they have something they need to help them settle in and get used to the community around them. From the lenders to the inspectors, contractors and cosmetic repairs, I know how to help in real estate, and if you want to get involved in the area, I can help there too! 

If you want to be served by a realtor who can handle all aspects of any deal, call me.  From beginning to end and beyond, you will get great service!

#2 Selling agent in Hunt County 2012, 2013
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