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I'm a manager at Before that, I worked at several other high-tech companies in the Seattle area including Microsoft and Expedia.

While it can get you in trouble to admit this in Seattle, I'm a native Californian. I don't know if Washington natives will give me any grace for the fact that I've lived here since 1989, but I consider myself a Washingtonian now.

I live in a Seattle suburb called Lake Forest Park. When I'm not pondering improvements to, I'm hanging out with my family (husband and 3 sons but no pets (despite the lobbying by the boys)). Weekends are full of the usual mom stuff: watching my kids play sports and feeding my brood. When I get a few minutes to myself, I go for a swim. When we get time for a date, we go to the theater for a play.

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Modern Great Room with Chandelier, High ceiling, picture window, can lights, Modern dining chairs, other fireplace, Fireplace
Contemporary Living Room with flush light, Hardwood floors, insert fireplace, can lights, Built-in bookshelf, Fireplace
Modern Great Room with picture window, sliding glass door, Standard height, Concrete tile , stone fireplace, Fireplace, Paint
Contemporary Great Room with Crown molding, Cathedral ceiling, can lights, Pendant light, Concrete tile , picture window
Contemporary Great Room with Hardwood floors, Pendant light, Standard height, specialty window, can lights
Eclectic Great Room with Hardwood floors, Fireplace, Paint 1, Built-in seating, High ceiling, double-hung window

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Due to image copyright, only you can see this image on your board.

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