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Newton House

At our first meeting with the client in 2010, we came up with some words/phrases that would describe their style. These phrases include, "Barefoot and Stilettos," "Old meets New meets Old," "Traditional with a Zing," "Comfortable and Welcoming," "NOT showy or ostentatious," "A Place for the Family to come back to, a Family Home for generations to come," "The place for friends to gather," "Simple but not simplistic," "Appreciate the details." The finished house will tell whether we've succeeded in bringing these phrases to life. If we've done our job well, it will be hard to ascertain whether the completed house was always here or not. This is the back-story to the birth of this "new-old" house. It is important to understand that there are no good projects without good clients. We thank our client for making the thousands of decisions necessary to create a house of this scale. We thank them for letting us be their guides along the way. There are also no good projects without good bui

Traditional Exterior of Home
Rustic Dining Room
Eclectic Living Room
Traditional Living Room

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