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I am married and have have two children who are now in their early twenties who I adore. I have a brand new grandson born in August, which I was honored to be there to welcome him into the world! ... also have a white kitty and 4 dogs who bring me much joy.A siberian husky, a pee a poo and 2 shitzu... years ago I got out of retail management and got into a field because of my sister and  that I thought would be boring, but soon discovered how wrong. The opportunity to work with people and teach them the way to use the HUD/FHA program under The National Housing Act has been the most rewarding job besides being a Mom , I have ever had.  I have met great people who have entrusted me with educating them on a program that utilizes their most valuable asset ~their home and turn it into a retirement tool that many had no knowledge of and have given the realization of the security the program could afford them.. I hope the program stays in place every other "bank " program disolved with the housing crash.  I hope many people put their fears to the side and at least get educated on the program.  Many folks still have the misconception that the program is for the poor or that they lose their home in exchange- neither could be further from the truth.  If anything it can help folks "capture" some of their equity to avoid  "losing" it the market with little chance of recovery... I now have more people looking into the program that have no mortgage at all. I encourage every one , if they do not want the help of a licensed loan officer like myself- they look into the program independently. Finally, I want to address something I see in almost every ad that is about  The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) the government Reverse Mortgage Program that has been out since 1987.. they make a suggestion that while it might be nice to get tax free money from the program that you never have to pay back in your life time, still have to pay taxes and insurance and maintain your home.... Well. of course you do! It is your home and remains that way.  You would be doing all that even if you had NO mortgage....  This program is designed to help you stay in your home and have the homeowner who has worked hard all of his/her life be able to take advantage of some of the equity without having to sell the home....or create another payment. Therefore , the HOMEOWNER can decide what is best for them:-) It is regulated by HUD, insured by the FHA and is tax free..and the only 4 in 1 loan that the homeowner controls- It is a refinance home equity, modification and has a reverse option. Homeowners can use and choose type of loan that best suits them as time goes by and not pay  any fact- the line of credit has  tax free growth..and protects a portion of remaining equity that no one or market can take away! Learn today to protect tomorrow..

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Kitchens to dream for

Estimate: $31,400

Eclectic Kitchen with double wall oven, Built In Refrigerator, Wood counters, L-shaped, terracotta tile floors, Glass Tile

Estimate: $37,000

Traditional Kitchen with full backsplash, U-shaped, Raised panel, can lights, Complex granite counters, Kitchen island

Estimate: $36,100

Cottage Kitchen with Soapstone counters, Built In Panel Ready Refrigerator, High ceiling, electric cooktop, Flush, dishwasher

Estimate: $49,500

Contemporary Kitchen with Built In Refrigerator, Undermount sink, can lights, Breakfast bar, electric cooktop, Glass panel
Contemporary Kitchen with Flush, Simple marble counters, can lights, Flat panel cabinets, partial backsplash, Kitchen island

Estimate: $53,900

Asian Kitchen with Framed Partial Panel, Vinyl floors, Kitchen desk, Kapalua, maui, hawaii, picture window, Paint, can lights

Estimate: $52,400

Cottage Kitchen with Breakfast bar, Undermount sink, Vinyl floors, Framed Partial Panel, built-in microwave, Glass panel door

Estimate: $36,800

Traditional Kitchen with Undermount sink, Box ceiling, Flush, Simple granite counters, Flat panel cabinets, Glass panel door

Estimate: $54,700

Cottage Kitchen with Flush, Specialty Tile, L-shaped, Undermount sink, Simple Granite, Mural, double oven range, can lights

Estimate: $45,700

Cottage Kitchen with Pendant light, Framed Partial Panel, Glass panel, dishwasher, High ceiling, Complex Granite, U-shaped

Estimate: $34,800

Eclectic Kitchen

Estimate: $60,800

Mediterranean Kitchen with full backsplash, Wall Hood, Flat panel cabinets, Framed Partial Panel, High ceiling, Casement

Estimate: $42,700

Eclectic Kitchen with Glass panel door, electric range, Led soft strip lighting, Vinyl floors, Wall Hood, Wood counters

Estimate: $50,000

Traditional Kitchen with International concepts turned counter height pub table, black/black, Flat panel cabinets, Stone Tile

Estimate: $58,500

Mediterranean Kitchen with built-in microwave, Pental ivory classic honed/filled travertine, Custom hood, Standard height

Estimate: $46,000

Traditional Kitchen with single dishwasher, Hardwood floors, Ceramic Tile, Kitchen island, can lights, under cabinet lights
Contemporary Entryway with Crown molding, travertine floors, Standard height, Glass panel door, Chandelier

Estimate: $60,200

Traditional Kitchen with Standard height, Chandelier, Large Ceramic Tile, Kitchen island, Hardwood floors, Casement, L-shaped

Estimate: $44,400

Traditional Kitchen with electric cooktop, Breakfast bar, Pottery barn seagrass bucket swivel barstool, Flat panel cabinets

Estimate: $57,300

Contemporary Kitchen with Complex granite counters, Custom hood, Concrete counters, Pendant light, Breakfast bar, Casement

Estimate: $51,200

Contemporary Kitchen with Marazzi terra bengal slate 12 in. x 6 in. porcelain floor and wall tile, Sandstone Tile, wall oven

Estimate: $60,600

Traditional Kitchen with Casement, Chandelier, double oven range, can lights, Undermount sink, Standard height, Custom hood
Modern Kitchen

Estimate: $59,100

Contemporary Kitchen with Glass panel, 2 handle kitchen faucet, Standard height, full backsplash, 60" range, Wall Hood, Paint
Traditional Kitchen with Columns, Paint 1, Shades of light clear glass dome industrial pendant, can lights, Glass panel

Estimate: $65,800

Traditional Kitchen with Flat panel cabinets, Built-in bookshelf, Heirloom wood countertops, can lights, Custom hood, Paint

Estimate: $56,900

Traditional Kitchen with Large Ceramic Tile, Kitchen island, Multiple Sinks, Built In Refrigerator, wall oven, High ceiling

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