Luis Poggi

From South to North - a journey through America: I was born in Argentina, raised in Venezuela, worked in Mexico, educated in Boston and since 2010, I found my home in Seattle.

I joined the fantastic team of Zillow as a Director of Product Management. My passion here is to help people to find the best home for their needs and get them inspired with remodeling ideas.

When dreaming with home improvement, I am an admirer of functional, modern and honest designs.  I deeply enjoy open spaces and practical areas. Above all, I love outdoor kitchens and barbeques… the best space to cook my favorite dish: an Argentinean style bbq!

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Vinos Tinto

Wine Wine Wine... Amazing Bars and Wine Cellars

4 tags Estimate: $80,100 Contemporary Kitchen with full backsplash, Glaspro back painted glass backsplash, Ceiling mounted hood, Pendant light, Paint
1 tag Mediterranean Wine Cellar with Barrel wine rack
1 tag Contemporary Wine Cellar with specialty door, Floor to ceiling cabinets, Recessed lighting, Laminate floors, can lights
Eclectic Wine Cellar with Standard height, Built-in bookshelf, Columns, herringbone tile floors
3 tags Rustic Wine Cellar with Vintageview 12 bottle wall mounted wine rack in black satin finish, Paint 1, Paint 2
Contemporary Wine Cellar with Hardwood floors, Custom wine storage, Built-in bookshelf, Standard height, Spiral staircase
3 tags Craftsman Wine Cellar with Live edge wood countertop, Paint
Contemporary Wine Cellar
Contemporary Wine Cellar
Contemporary Wine Cellar with Built-in bookshelf, Concrete floors, French doors, picture window, Standard height, can lights
1 tag Contemporary Wine Cellar with Standard height, Natural stone collection mongolian spring, slate floor and wall tile
Traditional Wine Cellar with Built-in bookshelf, Concrete tile , can lights, Standard height, Pendant light
Modern Wine Cellar with Concrete floors, Wall sconce, High ceiling
Craftsman Wine Cellar with Stained glass window, Columns, flush light, interior brick, Standard height, stone tile floors
Contemporary Bar with French doors, Pendant light, can lights, Hardwood floors, Standard height
Modern Bar with French doors, Built-in bookshelf, Pendant light, Concrete floors, Cathedral ceiling, picture window
Eclectic Bar with Carpet, Standard height, Built-in bookshelf, can lights
Eclectic Bar with stone tile floors, can lights, Standard height, Hardwood floors
Modern Bar with Arched window, Casement, picture window, Skylight, Wall sconce, High ceiling, simple marble floors
3 tags Eclectic Bar with Wood plank bar top, Saddle bar stools, Saddle Bar Stool, Paint 1, Buffalo Hunt Chandelier
2 tags Eclectic Bar with Paint, Groin vaulted ceiling, Italian style villa, Cabinet finish, Natural stone wall, can lights
5 tags Traditional Bar with Paint 2, Standard height, Marazzi montagna belluno 12 in. x 12 in. porcelain mosaic floor and wall tile
Mediterranean Wine Cellar with Chandelier, Brick floors, Standard height
3 tags Contemporary Bar with can lights, Safavieh madison ave white leather 24.6-inch counter stools (set of 2), picture window
4 tags Mediterranean Wine Cellar with Safavieh santino swivel bar stool, Interior stone wall, stone tile floors, Wood crown molding

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Due to image copyright, only you can see this image on your board.